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What Should I Do?


I have a 9 year old little boy. He is my grandson but I have had him his whole life. He is a wonderful person and has a heart of gold. I don't say this because he is my grandson I say this because it is true not only in my eyes but in the eyes of everyone that meet him. He has come to me with a problem that I never new he had. It has been going on for as long as he can remember. He tells me he hears things like somebody calling his name. Thinking it was me, he comes running to me saying yes you called but I have never said a word. He also tells me he get woken up at night from someone saying Shhhhh or what are you doing. Little things have come to light now that him and I have talked. Like right before I call him for dinner he pops up in the kitchen to say I knew you were going to call me. I would laugh and say yes you have great timing, But looking back you can only have good timing so many times. Also I will take him somewhere he has never been before and he will say I know this place Me being me I would think of some place we may have been that he would be thinking of. But again only so many times this can happen also. Anyway he came to talk to me about it because he is getting annoyed with the things he hears and it is starting to bother him. I am at a loss I know nothing of psychic and have been looking for help for a while and have found nothing. I want to help him I can't stand seeing him unhappy. So if anyone can help or know were I can find help please let me know Thank You Paddy

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Real-Helper (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-25)
If you look carefully I joined at this forum few days ago, and as I see many people need Help...
I Really Can Help you, but not here...
Contact with me on e-mail and I'll answer all you questions, and If you'll be satisfited, and will ask for help, I will give it to you and your grandson will have happy and good life.
Pavel_kravchukmn [at]
shellshell3030 (3 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-18)
I taught my children to make their own protective circle by telling them that inside their heart is a litle bubble of white light. Tell him that God is there or Jesus or Love or whatever works for you and him and your family's beliefs. Belief is very important, it's not the god or religion that makes the power it is the belief. Tell him that the bubble of white light is very small right now because he didn't know it was there and hasn't been thinking about it. When he thinks about it, it will grow bigger. It will spread across his chest, he may even feel it tingly and warm as it spreads. Tell him to keep making it bigger and bigger, as big as he wants. All around him, even bigger than that to surround the room. This bubble will protect him. It is also a good calming exercize for anxiety as well. You may want to try it out yourself. If you are calm and centered, you will be better able to help him. Good luck and blessings to you
shellshell3030 (3 stories) (40 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-18)
Children are naturally more sensitive to these things. Something that worked for my kids was to tell them to imagine a wall around themselves that will stop these things from bothering him. Its a psychic shield. I also talked to them about it. Let them know that there is nothing allowed around them that could hurt them, but if it is scaring them or annoying them they can order it to leave. Giving them some sort of power object can help too. A religious symbol or a gift from a loved one, something that calms them and reminds them they are safe.

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