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I Don't Know If I Should Embrace My Abilities Or Not


Am I weird?

Ever since I was young, I knew something was different. Other little girls my age wanted to play fairies, horses, etc, but I wanted to talk about dreams, etc. I always felt different.

When I got to about 10, I knew something was definitely wrong, especially when I was having an argument. I was yelling, then I screamed. As I screamed, and the door slammed shut in my mother's face. I was so terrified at what had happened I screamed and had a breakdown.

At 13, my best friend at the time became interested in psychics, and telepathy. She was always only playing, and I played along until the things I learnt actually worked (like seeing auras - surprisingly one of the easiest things for me to pick up). I never told her any of that.

But because we were interested, we would haunt a Wicca (apparently, I have Irish/Wicca heritage) shop, and so I bought a stone necklace, because I liked it. My abilities then went out of control.

When I was 15, my grandmother passed away. No one had been told yet, but for no apparent reason I looked up and whispered her name to my brother. I still have no idea how I knew.

I had an awful gut feeling yesterday, at precisely 12.13. I went home, and learnt that my friend had committed suicide.

For some reason though, other people get hurt too.

When I was grade 8, I broke up with

My ex. He was later hit by a bus.

I wanted to forget my relationship with another ex, and, well, he got amnesia.

I broke up with another boy (I was grade 7 - give me a break!) And he went missing, and was on the run.

But, luckily, I have found a friend whose mother is a psychic. But I'm confused and worried. I don't seem to specialize or anything, but instead I'm just an all rounder. My friend tells me to just embrace it. But I don't know. What do you think?

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Joni-luv (2 stories) (39 posts)
8 years ago (2015-11-03)
jazmine_glaze, beautifully said, it is exactly how I resonate also, the helpful nature is always the way I choose. To see and mention no-harm-to-none rule always, to intend on good in any situation with love.

The other part that tries to control or steer at times out of frustration of events, only exists bc usually of earlier actions creating them... As soon as I realize if I do such things, then I state with my wording and actions to love above any circumstance... I respect all, and ask Breathe_Phoenix to focus on such thoughts, bc after all this We all surely can see that love extends life, it extends higher good to others, please if you can train yourself to see yourself in the other people, then we would never think harm to begin with. If you can start with your morning keep saying love above it! During they day have a shower at night and say it again as you imagine any negativity flowing off your body into the drain. Expect good outcomes for others as the same you would want them to have for you, trust that it will be as you express ❤ ❤ Be well in all. If other thoughts try to creep in of a lesser level of love, speak over them with a kind loving voice, a motherly like voice, one that encourages the exchange for a better outcome... You can always request verbally, written too that all be done for each and every person's higher good,,,,i cannot say it enuf "HIGHER GOOD" has gotten me through so many lower thoughts.
jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-21)
Dear Breathe_Phoenix,

The choice is and always has been your to make whether you should embrace it or give in to the common human life. You've always felt different and i'm sure you feel you don't belong to the common today too. This feeling will always dwell within you for as long as you live, i'm speaking from experience.

I tried to make this desire to improve and use my gifts become silent, but after a few years of torment from deepest part of my soul, I decided that's not what I want to do. I made one and final decision to live by what my soul wants and help people in need. As I started helping out more, the pain subsided, until one day it turned to pure happiness, because that was the yearning of my soul.

When I was in pain, I tried to make up for this loss by losing my time and becoming addicted to video games, as well as engaging in perverted intimacy that was to silence the pain. But the pain was only growing stronger and stronger until one day it was too much, it became unbearable and I knew that's not what I want.

Please, listen to yourself and make the right choices. The calling will always dwell within you, there is no way to silence the scream from the soul.

Justagrizz (3 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-21)
Well what do you know; I just can't seem to let this go so, let us go through your story so far.

Moving objects with a shout, scream, or loud yell is not new to those trained in some forms of martial arts such as Fallon Dafa. Directing the force and power of ones intent through sound is not new but it is a little disturbing when it happens the first time by accident. Got your attention did it?

Being led to a specific piece of jewellery or stone or anything which enhances your skills and power is also normal when you're in 'Fog Warts'.

Getting those overwhelming feelings of 'something happened' is normal for us too. Because we are connected to the whole through our teachers or the 'other' side, whatever happens to disturb the energy around and attached to us affects us. It's like hearing a phone ringing that you can't find.

Having events happen to or around other people that you have fervently made a 'wish' that something should happen - and it did (sort of) - is, (trying not to get wordy here) pushed through your thought to the universal energy to manifest something somewhere else. Same as yelling the door shut but using the power of directed thought focused with massive emotional energy to have something happen. It's sympathetic magic focused like a prayer.

You have to be careful what you think, and what you think you want, because the universe is listening all the time - and the universe will always take advantage of an opportunity to learn you a lesson.
Justagrizz (3 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-21)
To embrace or not to embrace may be your concern but it probably is not the correct question. Been there, done that and struggled with the embrace (or surrender) part of living with a knowing and power and fitting in with life as it looks like it should be, all my life. Here's what you really need to know:

You are not in charge
You ARE NOT always in control.

After a lifetime of going down every path trying to figure this psychic thing out so that I could come to terms with it, I've come to this lasting conclusion: We are as we we're created to be.

Let me try and clarify this. You have skills that came with you when you were born, call them "Soul Skills". You have some control over them when they interfere in your daily life or bother and bug you until you pay attention or do something about it.

To date, and in ancient tribal societies, everyone was psychic as part of the culture. That psychic knowing of the tribe who recognized extra-ordinary powers in certain people chose the Shaman or Medicine Person. Even then, that person had to prove themselves for years before being fully accepted by the tribe to such a position of responsibility. Those years were spent mostly learning who you were and how you could best be of service to the tribe. The guidance or pointing in the right direction may have come from a physical mentor or teacher but the learning came from "other" sources.

Welcome to "Fog-warts" school of "Sky-kick" Impressionism. Pay attention, because these 'teachers' don't take breaks, and the curriculum will overwhelm you if you allow it - that's you taking control. It's the - NOT RIGHT NOW I'M... Sleeping, eating, peeing, studying, working... You know, trying to have a living!

I 'hear' that you might be thinking that these events happening around you are your fault! 'Hears' the truth - NO, and (a small) yes. These teachers of the 'other' realms can only communicate clearly to us through subtle suggestions, inklings, visions, dreams, signs, symbols, causes and effects when we are open and paying attention to events going on around us. If they want your attention they will get it - I'm guessing it worked - you posted - get it. They take advantage of a cause, you pay attention, and it bothers you, that is the effect. You don't have to pay attention all the time but you do have to learn to be aware of everything going on around you. Not involved in everything, but aware.

May I suggest that you purchase and read,
Earth Medicine: Ancestor's Ways of Harmony for Many Moons by Jamie Sams
She was a young girl with 'gifts' who reluctantly agreed to be tutored by her elders in the ways of 'seeing'. She has been where you are and accepted through understanding her place in this space and learned how to thrive with it, and her psyche, intact.
masterofelements (12 stories) (80 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-20)
Wow, that's a...what word do I use? A extreme story. I am Psyhcic too and I also can (sadly) fortell deaths. Ask the other Psyhcic person if maybe they think it is a good idea. It could actually come in handy.

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