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Empath Abilities Growing Stronger With Age, Why?


I,remember the day I was born it was overwhelming, the smell, noises the stinging in my eyes I wanted to go to that place I came from but could not remember where, not yet anyway. I can feel everything around me, but as I grow older its getting stronger. I see aura and colors around people animals trees any living thing. I know when somthing is happening in the moment or will happen, like warning I have the chance to save my own life and people I love. I have 2 angels that helped me when I was born they helped me to deal with the fact that I have to stay here. To know events as a child and for my abilities, to touch, to close my eyes and see the inside of a living person,animal,trees and know what hurting, and why is not a normal sense that most people have. I can see people who died and don't know they are dead, and come to me for help, I can also see spirits with no faces and the odor of rotting flesh,vomit,all bad into a ball of evil. My mother, well that's another story to painful to tell now. My father saved most of my childhood, he witnessed and saw the angels interacting with me when I was a baby. I never had a childhood desease that most kids normally get, and I had 9 brothers and sister all sick but me and I wanted to be in the in crowd, to be like all of them. Now I'm older in my late 50s and its growing so strong. What can I do to cope with it? I have been to heaven twice first time knew that's the place I came from, I was home, my brother that died was waiting for me, I was sent back here

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2015-10-25)
The reason the empathy is so potent for you, is because when we absorb the energy we do not lose it, instead it begins to overwhelm us and our own. You must find away to healthy release your empathetic energy
Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-10-21)
As you have discovered, you aren't alone. You are certainly a gifted empath. Some of these abilities could potentially be used for healing.
As for coping, you may find frequent meditation to help. Speaking to people here or elsewhere can help. Knowing things in advance is a burden. Be aware that meditation may bring on more of this, but it is meant to increase your awareness, and eventually control. Speaking to kind spirits often helps.
You will someday see your brother again- know that each life comes with unique opportunities and is a gift. Your experience with Heaven is quite rareand I cannot speak much to it. Personally, I find that keeping records helps and so does having faith that you're here for a reason.
Be proud of who you are,

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