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Should I Say Something?


My husband had an important final exam, and I felt I should pray for him. This is odd because although I might worry about him, I usually don't feel the need to pray, at least not this strongly. Also, I was confident in his ability to pass the exam. When I felt the need to pray this time, I am 90% sure I could feel one of his best friend's connection to him. This connection felt like his friend was trying to impose his will on my husband, but I don't know if that is because he wanted my husband to fail or succeed. I want to ask my husband's friend about it, but don't know if he'll believe me because people usually don't.

I've never felt someone else's connection to someone like this before, but I can also tell you that both my husband and his friend are psychic to some extent. Because I felt I needed to pray for my husband and then I noticed this connection, it makes me wonder if I should have completely stopped the connection. Instead, I just prayed for what was meant to happen to happen, and if my husband could pass (since that's what my husband wants) that he would. Also, I'm healing from an immune problem and so my intuitive nature has been getting stronger if that explains why I can feel the connections more strongly. But this connection between the two of them kept nagging at me.

I'm not sure if I should call my husband's friend out on it or not. Both him and my husband have some psychic abilities, but neither of them want to believe that I have some as well. I think that idea bothers them because I'm not from the right family in their eyes to have psychic powers that are of a good nature (religious superstitions). I don't want to cause a problem, but at the same time I want to understand why I felt his friend's presence. Did his friend have positive or negative intentions? And if they were negative, then why? Should I say anything at all? Why was I meant to know about this connection? I wasn't asking about it, I just wanted my husband to relax and do his best on the exam.

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-06)
If you feel like you need to say something just say it don't worry but some people my seem like they won't react a way who knows maybe he already know what you are thinking

Be brave people that feel like they need ti say something then don't will probaly regret it latter but I don't know the people you do but you already know the answer in your heart

And evryone has psychic abilities how did we know how to hunt when we were involved and common sence is a psychic ability don't stress it they probal know but they don't want you to have it so they pretend you dont

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