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I don't usually speak about my feelings or what happens to me, but I figured this is the only place where I won't be considered crazy. I'm 17 and I've been predicting things since I was in middle school. I mostly predict things out of intuition, or just thinking of something. I don't usually predict the future when I'm dreaming, I only have once before and that was my first psychic experience when I was little and saw myself teaching my brother how to walk. I have many lucid dreams, but I know this site isn't about that so; I had a feeling once before I was going to get into a car crash and I did, I've also felt presences, sometimes I swear I can even hear someone saying my name when I'm by myself, I predicted my friends car crash, I feel some sort of vibe days before someone who's once close to me passes away (this has happened TWICE this year), I can predict little tiny things like a song coming on or who I'll run into.

There are countless things I've predicted so I'm not going to go on, but I don't even know how to, or even try to control it and I want to learn how. The only time I know when somethings about to happen or will happen is when I have that feeling in my heart and gut. I used to think that this is only happening to me because I talked to spirits with a ouija board on my 13th birthday, but my friend & my boyfriend say I'm just psychic. I'd really like some of your guys feedback. I've taken a psychic test, I'm not really sure if it's rubbish, but my highest scores were a 9/10 in Telepathy, Clairvoyance, and Mediumship.

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-12)
bekahlouwho, first of all, you should never use a Ouija board. They are nothing, but trouble. But, I think you are psychic. If you want someone to talk to about your experiences or if you need help controlling your psychic abilities here is my e-mail:
Rainashea16 [at]
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-26)
First what your describing is precognition and I'm not sure if you can so much as control as learn temporarily silence it. As for the psychic tests from what you've described you don't have telepathy. However clairvoyance and mediumship, id say yes. Note to the wise ouija boards are very dangerous and aren't to be played with. They can bring onto you negative energies and negative beings. Negative energy makes it harder to control gifts, especially since almost all gifts are emotionally tied

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