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My story begins with finding a post on this website back in 2012 that almost exactlty the same situation I am dealing with. ( My experience goes back almost 3 years now, it started with previous roommate who went from being normal person to someone trying to make a straight person become gay and be there gay lover for life. I tried dealing with this situation rationally, but when a person tells you there only going to try again. You know something not right here. The psychic attacks started with the feeling of something around you that close, then telepathically couple of women started talking to me along with this weirdo saying I had no choice or options. The telepathic bantering continued 24hrs, day/nighte. I didn't sleep well or at all with my ears ringing consistently. I moved out of this house shortly there after. But this situation has followed me. The intensity died down when I left the previous house. However the Telepathic experience has persisted with bantering, thought provocation, emotions at times and they generally know my thought at any given time. Physically they send itching, tingling, or pain at my body. My muscles will pulse like someone playing the drums. My sleep is still affected to the point I cannot get a good night sleep where ever I go. Has anyone gone through this before like the post I found and knows what it takes to remove this invasive attachment from yourself? Recently I hired a person off the internet that a psychic medium/healer that removes attachments from your aura. Has anyone had success using a person of this caliber before?

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d1k4 (2 stories) (9 posts)
9 years ago (2015-09-03)
Hey bsuttles3922, Yeah I would agree with the physic echo. They have attacked me in this way before trying to get me to talk with them continuously in order to keep me fixated on this situation. But I've learned not to talk or even deal with them. In the long run it does lessen there abilities in certain ways of attacking you. I also wanted to mention that I've been using a breathing technique that requires you to take 108 deep breaths as well as Void meditate that helps. But telepathic and physical aspects of someone jabbing a nerve or muscle twitching or even pain in area reminds me there still connected to my aura. Thanks for the post!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-27)
The longer an individual has been under a psychic attack
The harder it is to clear it.

It sounds as if you are tangled in a Psychic attack and a Tri-magick scheme using a deceased souls energy attachment. To enforce their mad plan. Hence the voices and the skin moving/pinging/loss of sleep.

I had to deal with my own psychic attach in which a team
Of 3 attempted their antics while I slept.
I had used a shield over my home. And felt the first attempt at my Throat chakra which my guides alerted me to. I used a few things.

I had a case of a young person who's limbs were moving
Uncontrollable after coming back on an airline. No family history of Neurologic problems.
But this person used recreational drugs. So my belief this and most likely helped open to these attachments.

To alleviate this you need a healer who deals with Spirit attachments as well as Psychic attack.

For starters you can use sea salt or Kosher salt.
At windows and doors. Place foil down and then the salt.
At night also place an old jar of water which can be near the head.
I prefer the feet. This can also have a Beryl stone or
An egg in the water. This should be disposed of by flushing down the toilet.

Doing a few things as:smudge yourself with sage.
Do spiritual baths for 7 consecutive days with prayer and contemplation. Set Cedar balls in corner of room.
Place fresh sage nightly with a prayer for help in pillow case.

If you are bringing in light to yourself.
You will see the attachment. Then you can unattached it
By seeing it for what it is. As well as see any un-whole
In yourself. If you feel no let in in 5 days respond back.

Staying away-drugs,alcohol.
Psychic activity.
bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-26)
Haha an auric cleanser/ healer. Yes these people are legit (I can do this) but however, they can only do so much and the effects are more effective the more personally they know you. As for what happened I'm not sure, I'm not telepathic, but the guy/girl could have what's called psychic echo. Its where the can overwhelm another persons mind with voices, visions, dreams, emotions, pain, etc. But I'm not sure

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