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I need help, so my brother and his friend have recently had the same dream my brother had it first and he woke up about four am last Saturday but his friend was just going to sleep and he said as soon as he closed as his eyes the same dream started again. The dream is this: my brother his friend matt (who had the same dream as my brother) and their friend alex go into an abandon house and look around there's a crawl space that leads from one room to the kitchen. Matt climbs in and looks around, then goes to the kitchen and comes back around to where my brother and alex are.

he said there's nothing to it but when matt looked at my brother and alex he said they were pale white. Matt turns around and said he saw a guy who's over 6 ft in a white shirt he then turns into a dark entity. That's my brothers dream matts started right after all of this in this dream.

matts dream was the same but after the guy in all white turn to the dark entity matt died and was possessed. He then proceeded to kill all his friends and girlfriend.

he had another dream but instead of him killing everyone he made them kill themselves.

What does this mean?

Who is the guy in white and what does that stand for?

Is there something bad that's going to happen because they had the same dream?

Please help I need answers and so does my brother and his friend. Thank you.

anything will help if someone has had a similar dream tell me about it. It may help my brother. He has giving me permission to post this and talk about it with others so please help and if its anything urgent put urgent in bold letters so I know thank you again

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Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-25)
Dark dreams like that can simply mean there is bad "stuff" going on emotionally with someone and these boys are picking up on it. Maybe they both have a friend who is going through a hard time?
To me dark energy dreams like that typically are about someone else and not foretelling of something that will happen. It's picking up on bad energy, and since they both had a similar dream, I'm thinking it's one of their friends or one of them. When I say dark, I mean depression, bad times, bad outlook, bad thoughts... That's just my 2 cents:)

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