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Same Deja Vu As Someone I Don't Know?


~ (I saw what they wrote 3 years ago & just found it again on here & was wondering why its the same?) basically the EXACT same story as this person. This happened about 3 years ago & when it happened to them it happened to me like 1 or 2 days later like beginning of school year... Going over the syllabus. Everything was the same from the 3 boards, podium against desk, teacher talking going over syllabus & the students staring up & then it clicked. Deja vu. Here is what someone else wrote... Why did we have the SAME deja vu? Is it a connection. I have had precognitive dreams before & thinking of things and having them happen.

"I have been noticing a "phenomenon" of mine that keeps on occurring. I have been having a often sense of Deja Vu and my Deja Vu seems to come from my dreams. For instance, just today, I had Deja Vu that I had also seen in my dreams maybe a month ago, but I was in my classroom sitting listing to the syllabus the teacher was reading, I see the three white boards in the background and a podium pushed up against a desk, and there are many students staring up at her. I had never had this teacher before in my life or seen her in fact and then it happened, it clicked in my head that I just had Deja Vu and then a split moment later I remember having a dream of my teacher reading a syllabus. I remember saying to myself the day I had that dream, "that was a weird dream, I wonder why I dreamed that?" This Deja Vu dream may seem insignificant, but I have constant occurrences of Deja Vu that have come from my dreams. I in fact have many weird dreams that make no sense to me at all. I used to tell my sister all of my dreams, but I now find myself embarrassed to tell her about my strange dreams and more embarrassed to tell her of my many occasions of Deja Vu. I find my many occurrences to be very strange and I think to myself am I crazy or am I psychic?"

*they live in cali. And that's my dream living there*

Thank you (:

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