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Dreams Or Conscious Projections?


A while back, I came home from a really busy day training in martial arts and some more strenuous activities. I didn't get a chance to rest right away as I had more house work to do and it took all day for me to actually get some resting time. I went to sleep and had a dream. I was at my nieces' school, it was one of those collaboration celebrations where the classes come together and have a mass party in the center of the school. As I walked around the masses of people, and the path that was like circle around the campus grounds, I specifically rotated and stared at the signs of cotton candy, the crowd of people like the blonde-haired girl enjoying some food and even the barbeque stand not afar. I didn't really take the dream into consideration but it was surprisingly easy to remember compared to other dreams.

A few days later, I woke up, prepared for a pretty boring day. My sister tells me that my niece has a school celebration going on today. It was sort of eerie to me, but I decided to go out of chance since I had nothing best to do - and because of course for the free food.

When I get there, I didn't even really take the dream into account, but then suddenly it hit me like smack in the face. I found the same spot, the same people, the same stand, everything, and I did everything exactly like the dream, rotating on my foot and just looking around with this look of disbelief on my face. I use to have lucid dreams, but it was nothing like this. In my lucid dreams I would manipulate the earth and elements like an Elementalist and fly and other inhuman things. Some dreams placed me in worlds that had certain rules, but some of those worlds had rules that I could break for some reason, especially upon becoming conscious that I was in a dream. But this dream was literally a peek at something that hadn't happened yet. But why? Why this moment in particular? There was nothing special about the day, other than I had seen it coming without even realizing it. I went home, trying to convince myself it was Dejavu. But there was dream, that's not how it works. I get Dejavu a lot, yes, but not like that.

A year or two after, I started going through a very hard time in my life. I won't explain everything - but I ended up being put into a psychiatric ward for psychosis. After being injected with something, something very strange happened to my dreams. I started having dreams where I would wake up repeatedly in the same bed and literally have to keep forcing myself to wake up. It was like I was falling, like every time I woke up, I was just waking up somewhere else - it wasn't real or was it, had I actually come back to reality this time or have I fallen asleep and turned my dreams into reality itself? It got to the point that now... I'm not sure if I'm awake or not anymore. Some of the dreams feel like they lasted for so long.

Anyways, my question, has this happened to anyone, and is there any significance in the moments of these dreams, and is there a way to build them and increase the chance of receiving these messages?

- Anima

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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-05-19)
The thing you said bout the dream in the place is that happened to me I was dreaming I was home then at church then my school etc. But my mom said she seen me and I was at camp in keystone (I live in st.pete) but the school thing I had that happen to me to I was at school and I needed to get a jacket and in real life I needed to get a jacket but didn't relize it until after it happened but

But with the dreaming bout getting a scratch and you get a scratch something like that happebed to me but in the dream I got a huge wound and when I woke up thier was blood on my bed and it looked like a huge wound

Sorry this is a old post but hope it got/gets better
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-17)
It's good you don't fear death.

The specific dream I spoke of where I lived 1000 years, I was a immortal being, very massive. Angelic even.

And there were millions of mortal beings, much smaller than myself. Their lifes passed in the blink of a eye.

I was so large that, if I moved, I would kill hundreds of them.

Add to that that this world had no food and water.

So these beings that lived there found a solution: me.

My flesh grew back, I did not need to eat, and I did not die.

So they cut my flesh from my bones, and poured my blood from my veins.

They never gave me thanks, they only cursedme if I moved, and chided me on how selfish I was.

So I spent 1000 years not only not moving, not only letting these beings cut into my flesh, and drink my blood, but also schooling myself to not hate them.

My reasoning was that, I would not die from it. That all these people, whose lives I could watch, and who were kind to each other, but unkind to me, were surely just as deserving to live as I was.

It wasn't the only dream I had... And, even as I say dream, it would be better described as a full blown hallucination.

Previous to that point, I had thought I did not fear death.
During that point, it was impressed upon me that I did not truly understand death.

It was also painfully impressed upon me that, in other to move forward spiritually, you must overcome your ego... Your sense of self.

Like when those small beings were eating me and drinking me in that hallucination.
Another way to look at it was that I was sharing my wealth of wisdom with millions, and each and every being grew just a little better for it, or, at the very least, were able to survive.
I will stress, once again, they were only unkind to me. They were not unkind to each other... They had to work together to survive, and needed each other.

Another thought I would have, in regards to the original question, is that there is a reason why we forget these deep dreams we have.

In any case, I personally find them fascinating. Though I need to be careful not to focus on them too much... Rest is far too precious to me.

I'd rather be restfed and ignorant, than unrested and all knowing.

That's my two cents on it:) Hope it helps.
Anima (2 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-17)
To KeDe412.

Thank you for your input in this, I went research this term and was led to something called ASMR (Auto Sensory Meridian Response,) which upon reading I realized I get this feeling a lot! I see now it has something to do with my energy and chi, I even speculate it might have something to do with my Third Eye and my Crown Chakra. When I meditate I can enter these 'dream worlds,' though honestly they feel so real I want to call them other realities and different planes, and upon reaching them I feel cold sensation in my Crown Chakra and circling sensations in my third eye right before it comes to life in my senses.

To MrE

Thank you for your input, strangely I've never been scared of death. I feel whenever I go to these worlds its like I'm partially dying in a sense anyways. One particular one continues to reoccur, where in this world I'm a being who wakes from a deep sleep every couple hundred years. Her maximum life span escapes me. Its almost countless in numbers. But the world is beautiful and I come to often when I feel stressed. I use to have difficulties living happily in this world, but then one day I let go and then this all started happening. I agree they are definitely very great and powerful tools for messages, very deep and esoteric meanings that could literally change your life.

Thank you all for your input.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-07)
I had a experience like that, with the dreams.

I was on morphine, in the hospital, and I think I also had seroquil in my system when when I was being held in prison for a week.

Once I got off it all and got my sleep re-regulated, and got myself balanced, it all normalized.

I did get some interesting messages... But the messages I received for VERY deep and profound. Not of the flesh profound.

I was given wisdom that I could only had gained by actually living for 1000 years, for example.
So, in that dream state, I lived for 1000 years.

The messages you get in that state are not small ones... They are typically big picture ones.

In order to receive them better, you need to remove yourself, and let the process run.

Even if you become aware that it's a dream, stay in the dream, and follow the rules.

Don't worry about wether you are awake or not. Arguably, everyone is always, to a degree, asleep anyway.
Plus, we all have to die at some point.
So don't worry about the details.
KeDe412 (5 stories) (167 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-07)
Anima, what you have experienced or maybe are still experiencing is a special category of lucid dreaming that I like to call, auto-sensory dreaming. Auto-sensory dreaming is where everything in your dream seems real (and often times becomes real) and all of you senses are fully engaged. For example, if you get a cut in your dream, it appears on you in reality.

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