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A Voice Without A Speaker And Some Other Peculiar Things


I'm not familiar at all with the theory of paranormal stuff, so please execuse the lack of terminology in my writing - I simply don't know what to call these phenomena. Also, English is not my native language so I apologize in advance for any grammatical mistakes. That said, I'm writing on this site to get more knowledge, more insight into these matters, and it would be great if you could help me: What are these things that happen to me? What causes them? Is there anything that I can do to learn to control them? In the very least, please tell me that there's someone out there who truly believes that I'm not lying and making things up, because sometimes I feel so very lonely with my experiences. They're not something that I can talk about with my friends and I've only ever told of some of my experiences to my mother who also has had paranormal experiences.

Truth to be told, I don't even know where to start, so bewildered I am when it comes to these things, but I suppose I could start by saying that sometimes my world kind of slows down. To give but an example:

When I was something like eighteen years old, I was taking photographs in a nearby forest. I was kneeling down there on the ground taking a picture of a berry, deep in concentration, when suddenly the world around me sort of became more quiet and everything slowed down for a few moments and I got this most peculiar feeling that I needed to turn around immediately. I stood up and turned around - and there but ten yards from me was this big man (with a record of harassing women and children, I later found out) coming right at me with pure hunger and hatred in his eyes and I immediately knew that he wanted to harm me. I hadn't heard his approach at all, deep in concentration as I had been, and had I not had that peculiar feeling, the man would have managed to take me completely by surprise. As it happened, I managed to escape and nothing bad happened to me, except for getting a fright.

I've had that kind of a sense of threat a few times before and since and it for example once saved an eight/nine-year-old me from a pedophile who tried to lure me with him from a grocery store, so it's a very useful, uh- - thing? Sense? Ability? - to have and I hope that it doesn't ever go away, whatever it is. My world has slowed down in other situations as well and not only when I've been in danger (my world has slown down for example when my grandmother visited me the day of her death before I had found out that she had died (that's a bit too personal a memory, so I'm not going to share it here), or sometimes for example a few seconds before I receive a text, or before someone calls me):

Some years ago when my brother - whom I'm very close with - got injured (mildly, it fortunately turned out). I was just minding my own business, when everything became suddenly quiet and my world slowed down momentarily and I felt even in the distance that my brother was scared and that he missed me dearly and wondered (a bit accusingly) why I wasn't with him and wanted me there by his side.

In the addition of that peculiar feeling of my world slowing down and becoming quiet (it's always just my world, everyone else keeps on doing whatever it is that they've been doing, but from my perspective it's like they've been put on silent or something - this only lasts for a moment and then everything goes back to normal speed again), I've heard phones ringing before they actually ring, which feels like the sound is coming nearby and yet from a distance, difficult to explain.

Also, once when I was about 17 years old and lying on my bed alone in my room, I heard a male voice speaking as clearly as if the speaker had been sitting right there on my bed. "I can't take this anymore," the voice said in such a tired, resigned, sad manner that it immediately made me worry for the speaker. I wasn't dreaming, I had just lain down for a bit to think since I had nothing better to do, I wasn't even sleepy. My brother was in the next room and our parents were downstairs and initially I thought that it had been one of them that had spoken, but I didn't recognize the voice and to this day, I have no idea who it was that spoke. This experience has bothered me ever since because... Well, because I've never had any mental illnesses but hearing voices isn't particularly, um, "ordinary", or "normal", is it, and I'm afraid that if I told someone of this, they'd think I'm crazy. I'm not crazy, there's not even any history of mental illness in my family and I'm just an ordinary, well-balanced person. But if I'm not crazy, how come I heard a voice without a speaker?

That's the gist of it, I suppose. I hope that someone can make something reasonable out of all that. I'd especially appreciate it if I could get an explanation to that bodiless voice that I heard, because I'm not crazy or a liar, and I'd really like to know what it was about.

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krmujn (8 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-06)
Edith, I have a spirit that calls out in the middle of the night,too. Don't be afraid of it. It is just a soul that hasn't moved on yet. Tell it to go towards the light. Tell it, it will be safe, there.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-07)
The world slowing down... Not many people can do it.
The people that can that I know of call it Quick Time.
It sounds like you only go in for a very brief amount of time.
Another person I know of that talked of it said that he had only gone into quick time once, in order to catch a child falling off a bed.
That guy, however, knew another guy that supposedly "phased" because he was so good with quicktime.

The other stuff is intuition, which likely triggers your quick time.

The voice is something that happens occassionaly when you're in the inbetween realm of perception... The realm where you are aware that there is something else to the word, but you don't hear and see things like all the other people do.

There is another type of inbetween realm too, between sleep and awake... I would hear lots of people talking while in this inbetween state, but it I raised my conciousness to a higher level, the voices would fade.
And, if I fell asleep, my mind would move on.

Other than giving you a name that some people I know call the slow down, I don't know much about what to do to increases or control the ability. Sorry.

Hope it helps, or brings peace.

God bless, and be well.

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