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So Confused I Don't Know What's What


I've look it up on the internet but can't find anyone who has went through as much as I have. This is actually annoying. I hear it's a blessing and I don't want it to go away but It's only minuscule things that I can see before they happen and I can never seem to change the outcome. However there are things that I know about the future I have been approached by people in different sides (good/evil I don't know about those two things or whose who they just seem to have different views each viewing themselves as good) who want to dictate my life and I don't know.

I just wish I could see bigger things with the full details not just the outcome. I wonder if these things happen because I make them happen or because I believe they will. I feel like I have to chose a side fast. I'm not coming back again. I'm tired and the things of this world seem so trivial. Nothing is as it seems. Free will is an illusion. You have a choice but the amount of influence and pressure put upon that choice degrades its integrity. I'll be a free agent for now. They left me alone when I stopped tell the truth or what I know and when someone close to me died. I was made to feel like I was making things happen at the beginning of this year. I didn't know the future I was making it happen. When everyone was getting sick and the out breaks and the asteroid thing happened I was made to feel as if it were my fault. I had come to the conclusion that they were going to kill me and I would be shot and that my brother would be hurt but he would not die and then brothers in our area started getting shot, I told my mother that God was going to close the doors of heaven because they were close to breaking in and it became local news that a doctor had closed his doors and they kept playing it on the news. I would see this Jewish guy every morning as I went to get coffee about 6 am and he would be looking at this clock and the TV I knew him we had talked a couple of times and I had begun to tell him you should not observe time John why are you observing time your people know this in a joking way. One day the cashier told me he was doing it so that he could invest to which I replied his people know better this is what God has told them and the clock fell off the wall and he left and they asked me to leave.

There is a lot more and I know it sounds crazy. My heart would begin to beat to fast when I talk to much and I had come to the conclusion that God was going to kill me because I was talking too much. When I would speak the truth my right ear would become clear and almost feel like it was sweating inside. I began to go blind. My sight is back now though. Someone died in my family and everything went back to normal. I'm so confused. I wish there was someone who understood who wasn't a religious fanatic that I could trust not to try and change the story. We changed the story because a deal was made. It shall be as it has always been. I don't know if we were suppose to because Nasa is now preparing for an asteroid. I guess I shouldn't be posting this but I had to get it out. The asteroid from February was suppose to hit but we were given a second chance. 2012 was to end in February not December the dates have been changed so that we may not know the truth. I think we messed up. It is as it should always be. If great progress is not made in new Egypt as it was before 2020 shall see the end of this cycle and a new beginning I do not know if it will be on this planet though. I'm normal I mean I don't think about this stuff all the time and I don't give what happen credibility. I don't know what I want. I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't do anything just watch but that's no fun.

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Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-25)
I have been compelled to speak up and give you additional advice and testimony. First of all you are not alone and other people do experience similar things, but you probably don't know about it. In my opinion and knowledge you cannot influence the destiny of other people or the whole world, so let that weight go, it's to heavy. Many people experience premonition and visions, but you can't always blurt out everything you know to people. Many people can't deal with or believe what you might tell them, and you will be labeled insane or crazy. Pick and choose your moments to give out knowledge or advice. I know sometimes it can be frustrating, but just be patient. I also have had many visions that I am not allowed to tell people right now, but really wish I could. If in 1991 I had told people that the USA was never getting totally out of wars and actions in the Mideastern countries I would have been lynched. It is now 2013 and guess what we are still there. I have been given vast knowledge of what is to come, but I can't tell people and they won't listen. I have tried to warn people close to me of what they need to do to prepare, but sometimes they just don't want to hear it. People do have and are given free will to chose or make their own decisions. The issue is you can't force them to make the right or honorable one, so relax and let things happen. If you don't decompress once in awhile you will self destruct, and we need people like you, I and others around. There is going to come a time in the not to distant future where people will need leaders in different areas to help them for they will be lost and broken. I can't go into details, but yes I to have seen a celestial event, but my mark is between November 15th and December 15th 2013. It will be the beginning of a change, and that's all I'm allowed to say now. So believe me I understand what you are feeling.
On to other topics you touched on. There is a constant battle being waged between good and evil always and it will continue. It is my opinion that too many people are choosing the wrong side and all of humanity will suffer for it unless we all wake up and take notice of it. People need to see Evil's influence around them, and start taking action to expose it to the light. We need more people to show Love and compassion in this me generation or it will be our downfall. I can't speak for everyone, but this is how I see it. Again you are not alone in your experiences and feelings there are others out there, and I have seen them. At this point in time they are not allowed to speak about it. In response to your statement that GOD will kill you. Don't worry about that at all. Think of GOD as a parent. He may become very angry or disappointed in you at times, but deep down He will always love you no matter what. If GOD doesn't want you to talk he just will close the minds of people you try to tell, and they will think you nutty.
I have a request for you. Please post on this forum so that we all can learn and help each other out. When You jump off and start to email someone in private constantly others won't benefit from the knowledge. Don't take me wrong, some things need to be private. I hope this might help you a little in some way, but take it easy and don't burn yourself out.
Real-Helper (15 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-25)
Very soon I can be in Florida.
I read all you story, and it is very interesting.
First of all I have to tell you calm down.
God REALLY does not want to kill you. But you need to bee more calm, cause you can scare people around you, and they won't speak to you at all.
It is everything is OK. And I can help you. But what kind of help, you will have a chance to choose.
You are not a reason of happening around you. You are like "enter button" in the mathematical world but in OTHER hands. The information about future goes trow you, and you have wright to see and to know what will be. The point is that there are many variants of future and you feel guilty cause you "feel" that you could choose different variant and you could change future. In a real situation you can just see, but cannot decide anything.
I can help you to lose vision, or show you how to live with this, and how to deal.
If your interested, contact me...
Pavel_kravchukmn [at]

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