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We Had The Same Dreams


I was sitting with my family over dinner and my mum was talking about a new home she was showing people (she is in real-estate) anyways she began talking about how it was a small house only suitable for 2 people and a kid. She was talking about the bedroom when I suddenly had the sense we had this conversation before, the night before to be exact, and when we were talking about it, my dad chipped in and said that he felt he has spoken about this before... We couldn't of my mum only showed the house prior 2 hours. I spoke up and said how I too felt this and we were comparing how the house looked while my mum was saying how she spoke about this too her boss an hour ago after seeing the house... We both ended up with the same layout for the bedroom, how my mum said that if we take out the wardrobe it will less space for clothes however more for the room, also you could have too kids in the room if you don't have no wardrobe... Later that night I asked my dad if he was joking and he said no so I asked him how he pictured it in his dream and he said that it was pitch black and there was a woman voice talking. It ended up as the exact same as my dream... We all couldn't explain it, still cant. Oh and after we spoke about we were all experiencing the same emotions, sick, uneasy, the feeling of exposure, the feeling of vomiting.

In conclusion, my dad and I had the same dream of the same conversation, same thoughts, about what my mum did one hour before she got home, without even talking to her.

If you have any idea of how this remotely possible please tell me.

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