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I remember my first encounters with other entities first happening when I was four. I was locked in a bathroom and I heard a benevolent female voice asking me if I "believed", whatever that meant. I was confused and thought it was my aunt, but apparently she was at the store, because a long time later she arrived home and unlocked the door for me. At that point in my life, I saw dark creatures regularly. They were shadows independent of a source, standing bulky and at the foot of my mom's bed, or slender and dog-eared, hanging upside down from the ceiling in the hallway. They always had these red eyes.

And all of my life I've dreamed things before they happened, but after maybe the age of 7 or 8, I stopped seeing those entities. Now I'm a seventeen year old guy, still dreaming things before they happen pretty regularly. But there's been something else...

2014 seemed to be a year of awakening for me in some way. I started to feel presences of other beings, both evil and good. The evil ones put off a fear that was practically crippling. The good ones were always domineering and had an agenda. My nighttime experiences were odd too. After an anxious upheaval I had (I had actually predicted a car accident, and the same night close friends of mine were in an accident, so I was really ripped up about it) I began to have strange nighttime experiences. I would go into some kind of trance before falling asleep, and I would see things and feel things and hear things. Sometimes I felt something brushing my foot. Other times I saw people behind my eyelids.

As if all that wasn't weird enough, I started junior year of high school. Many of my religious beliefs and conceptions about reality and life started to take a beating that, ultimately, they didn't survive. I started experiencing a lot of relationship issues (I'm extremely emotional, and it seems I'm becoming way more expressive of it now than I was before). After facing rejection from a certain girl, I became unhinged. For about a week I was up and down, crying, raging, happy, peaceful, sluggish, apathetic, etc.

I'm not asking for psychological help, trust me. I'm getting to the point.

I met a guy shortly after who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Inside, I was fascinated. I've always been drawn to selective and supernatural perception, or at the very least, hearing and seeing things that other people don't. Eventually, as I practiced meditation, I began to hear whispering.

That was last November.

Now, I'm hearing them louder. Sometimes they are voices, but mostly loud whispering. It isn't constant, every second. It's sporadic throughout the day, like they're trying to get my attention, whoever "they" are. I also see things rather frequently, always in flashes or unclear forms, but sometimes the forms are very clear and I mistake them for people, and others around me don't see them.

Also, I have some kind of telepathic voices that only visit me when I lie down. I don't even have to be sleepy, sleeping, or even intend on sleeping. I just start to get all these different people, ages, genders, talking into my mind with their thoughts, and the things are totally irrelevant to me (usually).

My question is, how do I allow this to grow? I know I'm perceiving a lot of things, both good and bad at times, but mostly just mysterious. And I want that to grow into something greater. Any suggestions?

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SturdyUniverse (3 stories) (16 posts)
5 years ago (2015-03-23)
When I was 15, I started to hear voices of my dead relatives and only one voice, who I did not know, but same time knew he was alive soul. Who I discovered to be my Twin Flame at the end of 2014, before that I thought the experience I have with him, where I can feel his touch, kiss, hug, laughter, tears etc. Also I can hear him too, I just thought it is something crazy I am going through with what I am having fun. I sometimes rarely had heard some voice of my dead relative, when she wanted to just tell me something. Not connecting to dead people first, because for God sake, let them rest in peace. But yes, I still frequently feel and hear my twin flame, who I actually had met in September 2008, where I don't understand is he with me telepathically consciously or unconsciously? But I know he felt something around me, when we met. I am positive for getting to know more, when he would be finally back in my life.

I know you weren't talking about Twin Flames, but about voices and seeing dreams before they actually come true... But my main point was with the voice thing, that I heard in 2007 a voice "Physics will connect us!" A year later I am going to other school and he was my teacher in physics, where our age gasp is not big, he is only 3 years older than me.

I just want to tell you with that, you're not alone, who first hears or sees something and then it would come true. I saw him in visions before too so, yeah.

But after we met I saw constantly dreams of him, more of the romantic ones. Where the Universe wanted that I'd focus more, why I felt strange around him, like knowing him before yet I felt really comfortable around him. That's, where through dreams, I fell in love with him- HARD!

Nothing had come true in my case, but maybe it someway will. Not exactly as in dreams, but the main positive points out there.

Divine Timing is everything, so I believe everything would turn out for the best.

P.S! Excuse me for the comment, what isn't exactly related to your situation, but in small cases it is.

Thank you for understanding! 😊
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
5 years ago (2015-02-18)
Hello. Yes, I would confirm that you are spiritually awakening to a degree. Do you still see shadows? Those are not good beings, but evil ones. I'm sure you know this already, though. I believe I can be of great help to you. All these things that are happening to you/around you, I know exactly what they are. And I will teach you more about them.

The dreams of things happening later is clairvoyance. Those aren't dreams, but are actually visions of future events. I get those from time to time, myself.

You said you have had a lot of night time experiences. Does this include sleep paralysis too? What about nightmares and strange vivid dreams that you remember to this day? The people and images you get when you lie down and even simply relax, Those are actual people/beings you are seeing. I see this as well at times when I lie down, depending on how sleepy I am. Some that you see would be lost souls (ghosts), others may be more sinister, like demons. These things that you see are more visions, but not of the future. They reveal things that you can't see physically, beings that are within your field of energy or attached to it. The voices/whispers you're hearing while you fall asleep, do not answer to them. Demons use these ways to trick people into forming contracts with them, as unfair as that sounds. Be careful with that.

The constant relationship problems are for a big reason. These girls that you get involved with, it always seems to not work out right? Do you believe in finding the "One"? The one that's meant for you? The fact that it didn't work out with them really means they are not meant for you. Or to better put it, they are not your soulmate. But this isn't anything to worry about. You will find her in time, as long as you follow the correct path. The evil of this world and the spiritual, they have much power and can keep you from being with the one person that's meant for you, if you try with any ordinary human means. But I will show you correct path to follow in order to eventually get with her, as I have with mine in the past.

Things are going to become more and more intense for you over time. It's highly likely something bad will eventually happen, though, which may cause your abilities to be sealed away (which is pretty common among others like you). But you can prevent that and hone your abilities to where you become more of a spiritual being, a spiritual warrior. Those demons, there are more powerful ones out there, and they will try to make sure you don't awaken anymore. The reason why this sealing process happens is because they see potential in you to do good for this world, which is opposite from what they want. However, because of this huge potential you have, I will show you how to open your abilities up even more, making you stronger against these evil beings, and to do great things. From these abilities that you've told me about, I can see you have a big purpose for the future of this world.

Contact me if you are ready to take the path of spiritual enlightenment and awakening. There's so much more to the spiritual world than what you'll find on the Internet and through common hearsay. Don't wait too long though, as I am sure the enemy is already onto you right now building ways to form blockages within you. It would be better for you, then, if you contact me as soon as you can.

You will find my email address on my profile page by clicking my name. Send me an email and I will get back to you asap.

Talk to you soon.
DripIan (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2015-02-08)
You know, I've thought about this too. My great grandma tends to hear voices call her name every now and then. She's also really unable to hear any kind of bad news without taking some kind of encumbering mental/emotional burden for them. My mom is very much like me, though it seems my "gift" is much more intense. But my mom feels presences, occasionally sees and hears things, but many of her experiences happen near to, during, or after sleep. It's weird though, I don't know that my grandma (mom's mom, not great grandma mentioned above) experiences any of this stuff.
blind-seer (3 stories) (13 posts)
5 years ago (2015-02-07)
There is not a lot I can say except I understand how your feeling and I'm right there with you. Like you I have had strange happenings since I was a small child as well and the curse/gift seems to change and develop the older you get. "Your not going crazy " do you know anything about your family history did or does anyone in your family have any gifts a lot of times they do run in family or so it seems I myself have a twin sister who also is a clairvoyant it makes things easier when you have someone to share what you are feeling with. There are some very knowledgeable people on this site and many have helped my greatly so just hold on. And try to enjoy the ride

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