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Psychic Gene Inherited Or Just An Over Active Imagination?


My grandfather was born in 1924. He had written papers about things in the future as far as government and the economic struggle. A lot of people called him crazy. Yet look at where we stand now. Since I was little, I've had dreams that have come true. Nothing major just places I go to in my dreams I end up going to in real life. As I got older these dreams became more frequent and in more detail like things actually happening. Also, I'm able to talk something up. Now my 4 year old daughter is showing signs of being being a medium. I heard her "talking" to her unborn cousin. She told me Emerson will be here soon. She just wants to nap for a few more days. Wouldn't you know 3 days layer her cousin was born. She lost a great grandfather... She tells me yellow butterflies are papa John. Every once in awhile you'll find one flying near here. She told me she hears them at night when she sleeps. But they don't go into her room. And they aren't her friends. She doesn't know them. That is the one that scares me. I wish to explore into this more but have a few fears. That, and I don't want my aunt to think I'm crazy. However, if I have enough of the right evidence she will believe me. I know that my grandfather had a gift as I also believe I have one. I feel mine and my grandfather's were more of an esp though, not so much a medium. Which is rather frightening and amazing at the same time. How can I tell if she really is a medium or just has an overactive imagination? And if she is a medium how can I protect her from the bad things without forcing her to forget about her ability?

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GeorgiaMOM (guest)
9 years ago (2015-02-08)
There are ways to go about protecting yourself and your children. I being a mom of 4 also had those same worries when things started happening at home. Your faith can help you. Most religions offer protection from a higher power. Then look for protections for psychic attacks on line and many different sites will come up. Depending on your beliefs, a technique should be offered. As well look up energy work/protection techniques for sensitives. Then choose which is best for you and your family's life style. These techniques may feel strange or silly but they do work as long as you believe in them and yourself. Confidants in yourself is a must when attempting to take back control of your home. Trust in the abilities you have been blessed with. God would not give them to you without the ability to control them and any encounters. You are in control. Start with that attitude and all the other stuff will fall into place. Blessing to you and your family from mine.

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