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The Same Dream For Years, Feeling It


I have had the same dream for many years. It's not the dream that disturbs me as much. It's that I can actually feel parts of it. I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot since I was really little. A couple years ago I started to have this dream.

I was flying, I don't know what plane it was. But I was flying. And then I was burning. I was on fire, as was the inside of the cockpit around me. The rest of the plane was slowly falling apart, managing to keep flying though, nosing down and rolling ever so slowly. The left wing was damaged. Part of it was missing. And I was burning.

I often will be just sitting, and then it will suddenly get really hot and I'll end up passing out, back into that dream. I can't simply fight it back with a cup of cold water either. That only makes it hotter. I assume though, that's because of some physiological thing to do with it. I don't know though.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not, but at times there's a patch on my back over my heart that will just suddenly burn really badly. There is not a single rash on my body.

In the dream there was someone calling out to me. They sounded really scared of something. I didn't know what. I could only see different view between smoke and flames, or what it looked like from outside my plane, off to the side, not head on. The dream swaps between those two points of view different nights/days. I only hear the person calling out to me when I'm seeing the view of inside the cockpit, burning.

As of late, I chose to change what I wanted to do, so not being a fighter pilot. The dream changed too. It changed to me just burning. No discernible background, it varies between next to a solid wall of a parking garage or something like that, and a house that looks like it's in the projects somewhere. But with the house version... There's several points where the burning is starting. I can feel the burn and the pain of every single one of them every time I wake up from one of them, and I always end up waking up with a dry mouth. Sometimes I swear I can smell/taste smoke.

I don't wish to continue typing this, so I will leave it as it is. Any help or knowledge would be appreciated.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-02-04)
You were probably a fighter pilot in a past life and are remembering aspects of that in your dreams. You probably died in aerial combat, hence the burning aspects.

Thanks for sharing.

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