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First Past Life Experience


One sudden night I had the urge to discover my past life. I have always been considered an old soul as I assure you that I certainly feel like an old soul. I have read through many documents and people's experience of past life regression. I wanted to uncover my last lives because I felt that they would explain certain characteristics that I carry in this life and the fears or experience that have prevented me in this life from moving forward.

I placed myself in a meditative state and performed a self hypnosis. I was a bit skeptic but I kept an open mind to any possibility and didn't lose hope. I can briefly tell you that the experience was amazing I was so moved I couldn't stop crying!

In one of my past lives, I was a young British women (18-20 years old) living in the year 1792. I wore a decorative purple gown, fair skin, long blonde hair and my light blue/grey eyes from my current life stayed the same. I had a little brother who was quite shy and had a strong bond with my mother. My father was an engineer and was always coming up with new inventions. My father and I got along the best. I had a natural ability to tend with animals so it could have been hinted that I worked with animals daily.

I was in love with an Italian man by the name Dominic. We had a beautiful relationship until my father had to sadly tell me that I was forced into a marriage with a wealthy man and if I refused my father would lose all of his life's work. Being the selfless being I was (and still am) I gave up my relationship with the man I loved for the sake of my family's stable life. I got married, had children with this wealthy man (let me make a quick note that this man wasn't a bad person. He was very gentle and kind to me and I think that he really loved me but I couldn't give him all of my heart.) and frequently saw the man I truly loved, Dominic with a women he didn't really love. We both moved on with our lives sad deep down inside because we weren't together no matter how much we wanted to.

After this experience everything made sense to me. It explained why I felt that I needed to go to England, why I have strong connection to that time period (and why I always got sad when I learned about the historical events happening during the time) and why I can't move on.

What I need to do I be more selfish, stop giving things up for others sake. I deserve happiness and I want to fall in love but feared it. As if some sort of invisible forced was preventing me. Looking at myself today, I can see where I got my love for animals/nature and my favourite colour purple as it was my favorite colour even back then.

I strive to develop my psychic abilities to be reach my higher self to discover more about myself and my purpose here on this earth.

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rose45 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-13)
how did you put yourself is a hypnosis? I would like to try this

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