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Shadow People Follow Me


I have been through many places. I have gone through a lot in my life. I've always seen shadows darting out of my vision, out of the corner of my eyes. My girlfriend (As of 5/25/2015, still dating her for 2 months and 4 days.) even notices them around me. She normally doesn't see them in her house. But in my room specifically at my house, she constantly sees them. Anywhere I am, she sees them, even her room when I go there. They have always been around me, even when I was younger.

They literally follow me everywhere. There are some that have stopped darting out of my vision by now, and just sit still in one section of the room. One stands by my bed, one in the corner by the closet. Those ones are just there. They don't bother dodging my sight anymore.

Also, I seem to have an effect on electronics. When I walk into rooms the lights flicker. This happens all the time for me, but people have been pointing it out recently. I can also be in a bad mood in my room and the light will go out completely, or be in a good mood and the light will get brighter. (I have a dimmer on my light, but that's with me being across the room from the knob that controls it, it has minimum and maximum settings...) I've also been lazy and looked at the light and thought *I want it darker in here* and watched as it got darker without anyone being on the same floor as me for all of these.

I've had a strong feeling of my grandfather manipulating the lights in my room to match my mood quite frequently. My grandfather passed away years ago, though I do have sudden remembrances of him. A scent, a feel that I would get around him, stuff like that.

For the shadow people, my girlfriend and I were laying in bed having a conversation, then she asked me about it. For the lights, they even flickered at Comicon in Denver on Saturday (5/23/2015). They even flickered most of the year when I went to school, at times fully cutting out in the entire room, and only the room I'm in.

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-03)
With the light situation it may just be your grandfather, or you may have photokinesis the ability to control, manipulate, and create light. As for the shadow people. They seem to be spirits, though not malevolent in your description, most things tied to shadows are not good. The fact that you see them means that you are to help them in someway. Don't ever use ouija boards, but id advise seeking out a clairvoyant or medium and protection to be safe
LauraVT (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-02)
They should not be there and should not be bothering you. When you see them, visualize yourself pouring down a rain of salt. Salt cleanses in all dimensions and negative beings cannot handle salt. If these beings are for your greater good, then they will probably stay. If they are not for your greater good, they will leave and/or shapeshift into their natural state then leave. You can also pour down a rain of salt throughout your entire home. This cleanses your home.

By all means cross your grandfather over to the Heaven World. Ghosts are stuck between dimensions and his flickering of the lights is him trying to get attention and the help he needs and deserves.

Use this prayer to cross ghosts over to the Heaven World. This helps you, them, and the planet. And say the prayer like you mean it.

I wish you the best!.



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