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Out Of Body Experiences?


Ever since I was in around the second grade, I can remember getting out of body experiences. The first time I ever had one was when I was in my schools bathroom, leaning up against the radiator below the window. My old school's little girls bathroom (There were 3, 2 for the younger girls, 1 for the older ones) was known for being haunted and there were all these stories since my school was really old (around 50-100 years)

I remember waiting for my friend to Finnish up in a stall when suddenly I felt myself drifting away, as if I was floating out of my body and up really high, I remember looking around while floating and seeing everything as if I was 3x my actual height. It quickly ended though, and I never brought it up with anyone. For the longest time, I would only get out of body experiences in that bathroom while standing around, but around 4/5th grade I started getting them while doing everyday activities.

Like if I was absently walking, suddenly it would feel like I wasn't controlling my body anymore and I would feel like I could float up and away yet I would still actually be walking. Whenever I get out of body experiences, I would never really be able to control where I went, it would be more like I would aimlessly float above my actual body, able to look around to an extent. I've been able to do this since the 2nd grade and I'm in the 8th grade now. Could this mean anything? Should I tell anyone about this? (If it adds to anything, I'm aerokinetic and have seen ghosts before.)

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RoseaMarie (4 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-05)
That's similar to me when I'm walking, however, as I stated, I can't go anywhere except over my head. I still walk totally normally and passively, even though i'm not doing anything. Also, if you want to email me my email is RoseaMarie [at]
Jmack4275 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-03)
Hmm interesting... The closest thing I ever get to an out of body experience is usually when I'm driving and i'll just fade away from driving and it'll feel like i'm somewhere else. I'll be at home doing stuff or watching other people do things, then i'll literally feel myself being brought back into the car. But somehow I can still drive perfectly while this happens.
infjoy (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-03)
you can perfect your skill. I have about 20 free e-books on soul travel, I can email to you, if you want to learn to perfect your soul travel ability. My gmail address is written below in capital letters. Cheers.


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