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Ghosts, Sounds, Lights And More?


Ill admit that title is weird and those don't really have anything to do with each other, but hear me out. When I was younger, I lived in this old one story house. Every night I would look in the opening though the closet and up high, I would see red eyes staring back at me. In the morning I would investigate but find nothing. My neighbors once remarked that one time they saw a tall, ghostly figure roaming though the house when my family was out.

I know this sounds like a ghost story, and it is of sorts but its not a one-time story. I've moved since then (twice) and in my current house that I just moved into, sometimes ill see figures at night though my doors. Those might just be my imagination, however, if it makes any difference, I see random color patches that float across my vision occasionally, most commonly when my eyes are shut.

Asides from that, there was this light outside my old school. It was in this small enclosed area in front of the front door, so when I would go up or down the stairs I would see it. For awhile the light was fine, 'till one day when it got really dim so I looked at it for awhile, willing it to shine bright again. And, as you can presume, it did. Every time I passed it I would will it to shine brighter, and it quickly would.

A lot of times, I hear sounds that definitely are not real. When I lay in bed at night, my mind seems to pick a specific sound, like, for example, my phone turning on, pages flipping, etc, and I'll hear it repetitively. I have gotten used to it, and it tends to go away quickly. (Lately, its been happening less often) If it adds to anything I get OBEs (You can read about that in my other story) and I'm aerokinetic. I'm also a 13 year old girl who had a solid upbringing. I however have mild general anxiety disorder and minor panic disorder. Does this mean anything? Any of it?

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