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White Dots, Dreams, And People, Oh My


Ever since I was able to recognise things and really just get a baring of my surroundings, like telling day from day apart,I've had some...experiences.I've never met anyone else with relatable stories, goes nothing.

The very first thing I've ever been able to interprete are the white dots. Sometimes I will just be sitting in a room when suddenly a bunch of white, tiny glowing dots start to float around and fog up my vision. Well, the dots usually last 30 seconds-2 minutes tops. You might be wondering where that all ties into psychic experiences and what not, but it's what comes after. There usually isn't a set time period, but after the dots appear a big event usually would follow;though good or bad I could never tell apart. When I was little, I used to see the dots all the time. Back them, big things to me seemed like small things now. The white dots usually don't mean anything about other people either, but normally it is just for me. Last time they appeared was at least two or three weeks ago, and before that I hadn't seen them in at least two years. The dots lasted for at least 2 minutes,which,like I said, is one of the longest times they last. Rarely do they last this long either.

To add onto that, I had a dream last night about a Tornado, (which are common in the area I live in) and a few other things, involving the death of someone that was once Dear to me but might as well be dead to me as it is. I tried to yank myself from the sleep but it wouldn't work. When I finally woke up, I recognised it was Tornado season.

Now, onto another note. I can see into the future.It's complicated... When I'm either day dreaming or just about to wake up, I see something from the future.But,at the time, the dreams seem ludicrous at the time. They make entirely NO SENSE. Whenever they come true,however,it all just snaps into place in my mind like it had been that wall all along.It's always insignificant events, like chatting with a friend and us sneezing at the same time, or me taking my dogs outside and breaking into a random song that's stuck in my head.

And finally,people.I'm not sure if this is special or just common sense. Whenever I see someone, and have a shirt conversation with them, even its just small talk, I just... Sorta can tell about their personalities and emotions at the moment. It does sound normal when worded that way, but when I mean emotions, I mean,like...I can tell if something terrible has happened to them recently, or if this person is happy because they had a good childhood,etc.

I don't really know what to say. It all sounds like nonsense but it's true.

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Brandon6996 (1 stories) (27 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-13)
You say you have never met someone with similar stories? Well I have never met someone with the same stories either, but I share the same things you do. To start off with... I sometimes see the white dots too. They come and go but I can never tell if they coincide with anything or not. And do you see prana in the sky when you look at it? They're similar to the white dots but smaller and zoom around for seemingly no reason? Also the tornado dreams... I have them very frequently every year in late fall and through winter. In mine I am always running from, or trying to shelter from them. The dreams are always vivid and occur at least once a week during those times. I can also read people very well without knowing them or even having to talk to them. I learned early on that I am highly empathic and very sensetive to the energies of things around me. It freaks people out when I know things about them just from "reading" them and they've never seen me in their life. I also have the ability called psychometry. Still getting used to it but I can be accurate. I can also hear frequencies. Lately they have been changing. But earth has been going through its changes as well. Anyway that's most of me in a nutshell. Hope to hear back from you!
Jessrehll (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-10)
Try to understand the message. Close your eyes and feel. You'll feel the difference between thinking you know and knowing. Understanding is the hard part, but you already know.

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