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Precognition Of Family Event


This happened a few years ago. I was minding my own business one Wednesday at 3pm, buying a bottle of water at the shopping center where I was working.

All of a sudden my body froze as a flash of knowledge hit me from nowhere that a woman I knew as a child, a family friend, was dead.

I had not thought of this lady for many years and in fact we were not close at all, but my family certainly knew her.

I went home to mum's for dinner that evening as I usually did and asked her how Mrs Rose was? My mother was pretty used to my psychic experiences so she scoffed and carried on that Mrs Rose was okay, what was I on about. But I asked the question so my mother would finally respect my ability.

The following Wednesday I went home to dinner as usual and mum was on the phone with my grandmother, talking about how Mrs Rose had been rushed to hospital the previous Wednesday with a stone stuck in her gallbladder. She didn't die. They saved her. But someone in the spirit world had told me she had passed.

My family believe me now. I wonder why I have such a strong connection to this side of the family. I always knew, growing up, for example, when my aunt who was this woman's sister in law would visit and there was no regularity to her visits. I would tell my mum and it became known that I was always right.

I work as a psychic now and the above is one example of many things that have occurred to me. I wish it were more predictable or controllable. I have still not found the key to having more of these experiences or having them on call.

I have clairvoyant visions quite regularly and psychic flashes come on to me both as pure knowing and as gut or other body feelings, but this would be classed more as a medium experience wouldn't it? How do I open to more of these.

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