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A Permanent Boarder


Before beginning with my story I would like to mention that I have previously submitted stories under "spookvanger" which I invite you to read. Eye openers!

My wife and I ran the Sabie Branch of Guardian Angels during 2010/2012. After our resignation and to show their appreciation we were offered a night at a guest house in Kaapsche Hoop. We were absolutely delighted as we love this village. For those of you who are not familiar with K.H., it was established in 1882 following the discovery of gold. Our visit was during May,2013.

The guest house was old, with corrugated iron outside walls, but updated and very comfy inside. It still retained the old world atmosphere. The main bedroom was on the first floor and had a creaking, circular stair case to the ground floor.

To make a long story short, I woke at exactly midnight, woken by cupboard doors opening and closing. I got out of bed, took my pistol and descended via the creaking staircase looking for an intruder. I checked downstairs but all was quiet as the grave. Then I felt it, piercing eyes literally burning into me. I looked around but could not see anyone. Then I felt its presence. My hair (the little I've got) stood on end and my whole body had pins and needles.

I have had many psychic experiences but none to match this. I stood, transfixed, as this was totally unexpected. How long I don't know.Then, as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared.

The following day I contacted the owner enquiring whether she was aware of the fact that she had a "boarder". She confirmed and said it often visited her mother. She also heard doors opening and closing, smelt his tobacco and felt him sitting next to her.

Should any of you intend to visit K.H. Be on the outlook for him!

With the permission of "Psychic-experiences" I want to invite you to read my blogs at Under Ben Mulder. I published many lectures we received via Spirit Guides which will be life changing to you. I submitted these to Psychic Experiences, but as they do not publish "channeling" these were returned to me.

God bless and keep on seeking as you WILL find, just as I have found.

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