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Recalling My First Premonition


I have a gift in premonition. It comes in waves through feelings, dreams, and everyday happenings. The first time I can recall anyone being affected by my gift was a time where I met a girl at summer camp. She was not in my cabin, and I had never met her before. For some reason I felt strongly drawn to her, that I needed to talk to her. We talked for the entire day, and my friends became upset by my decision to draw close to a total stranger. Mid-conversation I had the strong urge to ask her her birthday.

It just so happened she said "May 21st, what's yours?". Well, May 21st, of the same year is also my birthday. Out of the hundreds of people in that camp, I had somehow led myself to the girl with my exact birth date. At the time, no one could believe how I said I knew.

Since then I have predicted two family deaths from hugging them, I experience vivid dreams nightly, and I strong urges/feelings. I also have predicted events through things as strange as an onset panic attack, or a huge wave of depression/anxiety. I'm not sure if it happens to anyone else, but I feel anxiety at times for no apparent reason when I become aware of things. This story earlier was just my first experience. Recently I also found myself drawn to another individual who shared my birthday, which is why this event came to mind again.

My boyfriend has always been skeptical about psychics. So when he met me, and started to realize how I could out of the blue know things out of the ordinary about people or situations, he was a little worried. But, now that we have been together for several years he openly asks "Are you psychic? How did you know that?" Sometimes I'll tell him I knew, but didn't truly become fully aware I knew until the event. He only knows I know because I talk his ear off constantly. I'm not sure if this is normal for anyone else, to just know out of the blue in your mind, but not even exactly relay the information to anyone else like "this is going to happen". I usually just let things happen, I don't really know how to use it any other way.

I would genuinely like to learn more about using my gifts, it's very spiratic, and random. I'd like to better understand psychic abilities, and further draw them out, and make more use of them than saying "oh I happen to have a feeling." I any of you have advice, or books to recommend it'd be greatly appreciated! I'd love to learn more! Also, what was your first experience?

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GraceLohker (3 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2015-07-05)
I needed to contact you! I only recently saw your comment on my post and was surprised to find it was the same celebrity! Although, as I said in my story, I did feel like I couldn't have been the only one to predict his passing with how widely it affected everyone. If you still have feelings of guilt over that situation, I offer myself as someone to vent to.

As you noted before, I've also predicted the death of a family member through hugging them. It comforts me a lot to know there is someone out there who has had such similar things happen to them.

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