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How Do I Manage Visions And Information That Manifests?


Daydreaming relentlessly about this, that, and everything, most of my fantasies are inspired by my fears or desires. "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" is a perfect example of how my mind works - escape reality and replace it with awesomeness. These sort of daydreams, when complete, I move on from and forget, never to revisit. But, certain fantasies seem to be inspired by something outside of or so deep within myself, that I am not quite sure where they originate from. They also come with a strong feeling or many strong feelings. I struggle to acknowledge reality when they come. Even the most important situations and company loose priority to playing out these fantasies. I obsess over them and replay them like a small child does with their favorite movie. Nothing feels better than to experience and re-experience each beat. I prefer to think of these fantasies as visions, because they do not come from the same source as my typical daydreams, and they always manifest into my reality at some point.

For example: I met a guy while I was living in Bangkok and he was visiting on holiday. We spent every breath together from the moment we met until 3 days later, when it was time for him to fly home. We became Facebook friends, casually messaging back and forth every few days. There was never any talk of seeing each other again. I am american, he is french, and we met in Thailand, so all logic pointed towards it being a come-and-go affair. But, I began to fantasize strongly about living with him in France. I even began to beg the universe for that vision to come true. I told everyone I was not going to stay in Thailand as long as I thought, and that I would be moving to France next! I just felt in my heart that it was true. The vision was simple - I am making embroideries in our 2 story flat (my vision fixated on the stairs). I meet his mother while she is cooking, as if she lives in her kitchen (I knew nothing about his mother at the time). When he comes home from work, all his buddies are with him, and they walk in on me in my underwear. They are attracted to me. - These three, short, and simple clips are all I had. Four months of talking like friends later, this guys surprises me by returning to Bangkok just to ask me to move to France with him. Spontaneously, I arrange my move and he arranges our flat for when I arrive. The flat he finds is unique to the district, because it is 2 stories (with a staircase just as I envisioned. I never told him my visions either.). The first time I meet his mother is in her kitchen. She has a disability and can't leave her flat, so she spends each day cooking for family and neighbors in her building. Because of her disability, we spent multiple days a week taking care of and spending time with her. And, what turned out to be two major issues in our relationship was the fact that a few of his friends were sexually attracted and making inappropriate attempts to be with me, and the fact that he was so social that his group of guys would surprise me by showing up at our flat all the time! Lastly, the whole year I lived with him, I was working on embroideries, which is uncharacteristic of my typical art practice.

Visions like this sometimes come a whole year before they manifest, or just weeks. I also get information, and do not understand where from. For example: Sophomore year of college, I saw a girl in the elevator of my dormitory and immediately said to myself, "she is going to be my best friend". A month later, we met for the first time. I proceeded to ask her to hang out sometime, and we have been best friends now for 8 years; "a match made in heaven". Whenever I get visions or information with those strong feelings, I now expect them to manifest, because they always have! Yet, I am so emotionally sensitive to them that I can't always just sit back, wait, and trust they will happen. I begin obsessively praying for them to be true, or preparing myself for the grim destiny, if they are not desirable. These moments of what I call "just knowing" have preceded all the major events of my life, from picking a college to taking an otherwise random job opportunity. It has also informed me of the significance people who enter my life will have. I have foreseen some relationships years in advance and others upon first sight of the individual. What makes these visions and bits of information hard to trust as more than just fantasies though, is that fact that they are contaminated by my creative and visual mind.

The visions and the information are always simple, but I build them up like daydreams. I add to them where they are lacking, without even realizing I am doing that. So, it is difficult to know what has come to me and what I have created. To separate what I have added, I have to ask my gut and look into which parts stir up an emotional response. What also makes having this "knowing' difficult is the fact that nothing comes with a precise timeline! I get a general idea of when - Spring of next year, or this summer,... Waiting can become extremely emotional for me. Sometimes it is agonizing as doubt pours in and fear builds up that my vision will not come to pass. This is a highly puzzling and private aspect of my life that I have kept to myself. But, understanding would seriously help!

Where do these visions and bits of knowledge come from? Can I acquire more information about them, like more specifics as to when and how they will manifest? Is what I "just know" will happen manifesting on its own, or do I (need to) play a part in bringing things about? How much is destiny vs. The result of my actions? I am looking for answers and guidance for dealing with future visions and experiences of "just knowing".

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Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
Hi tigers723,

It doesn't really matter that much which spiritual being you talk to as long as the being is of the Light (you don't want to deal with negative beings). There is a high possibility that you will not get exact information about event X that you mentioned about that you are trying to know more about. You see, there is a universal law that states that you cannot receive information that will affect your free will. This law cannot be broken no matter what entity of the Light you ask.

tigers723 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
Thank you, Venus

Meditation is great! My issue is trusting my gut. Probably too attached to whatever it is I am envisioning, that I can't just trust it will happen. I'm impatient and worried I'm wrong. I usually end up wanting it too much. ATTACHMENT - that's the issue. Amazing I can get attached to something that isn't real (yet).
sevenvenus (1 stories) (6 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-10)
Hello Tigers723,
I experience the same thing you talked about... They just haven't manifest yet. Sometimes, the visions/thoughts/imaginations... I cannot really separate them because there is this strong emotion, intense feeling that sometimes it feels overwhelming.

After some time being in confusion and trying to seek answers to what I experience... I heard this voice telling me that visions with strong emotion will finally manifest. It is just matter of sooner or later.

I am actually in the state of questioning my vision like you... I meditate and the answers come... But still sometimes because it doesn't manifest yet, we doubt about it...

But every time I doubt about it and I am in the state of "confusion" -- there's always a voice telling me to just believe, have faith and enjoy the ride. The same statement will come over and over again, whenever I am in confusion of my vision, doubt it, or in state of confirming it through meditation.

tigers723 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-10)
Thank you, Boson! That is helpful. Though, I am not sure how/who to ask for more information. I suppose working with my current vision would be the best start. I have a feel about X, so I meditate and repeatedly ask if X will certainly happen? Or, do I take it further and ask for a definitive sign as to when X will happen? Am I asking for signs or am I just asking?

Thanks again!
Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-08)
Hi tigers723,

I will go right to your questions. These visions of your future can come from many different sources. I think most commonly they come from your spirit guide. This is like an invisible guide that's with you all your life. It could also come from your Higher Self, or from angels etc etc. It's not important really where the information comes from as long as you are certain it's not from a negative kind of source (which also exist).

You can most certainly receive more information about a certain event that you have seen a vision about. How you do that in a way that's reliable depends on what your strength is when it comes to your psychic senses. As a general answer you would simply ask what you would like to know. Normally being in a meditative state will assist in receiving clear messages. Some people also receive messages in dreams and if you belong to that category then you would ask your question before sleep and the answer will come in your dreams (not necessarily the next night's dream). I hope this answered a few of your questions.


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