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Psychic Or Just Coincidence?


To whoever may come across this, my name is Melanie and i'm currently 21. Over the past few years, I started noticing that when I would have random thoughts, some would come up true. The first incident was when I was in middle school and one morning I just woke up and said "today's the day you lose your phone". Confused because I had this small flip phone and always kept it in my backpack during school since I could only use it to call. I just shrugged it off but yet kept a close eye on my phone. When PE started and we had to change in the locker rooms, I made sure my phone was in my backpack as always, changed into my gym clothes, locked my stuff and headed out. Long story short, I came back to the locker only to notice my phone was GONE. I always had the same routine everyday without a hassle and this happens. The office ended up pulling me from my next class because someone found my phone and turned it in.

Another incident that I remember the most was about a year ago, and I was just going to my friend's house since she was having a bbq. I brought some chicken for the bbq so after a lil chit chat I went to rinse the chicken. But, while I was walking to the sink, I had a thought that said "what if her and Anthony (baby daddy) had another kid. That'd be crazy" and literally after that thought, I hear the words "I'm pregnant" and shes standing behind me. I BASICALLY THOUGHT I WAS NUTS. But these are a few incidents I have and I really wonder if I have some ability or I'm just super nosy?

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JustinIsConfused (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-15)
Uhmm... Hi something like this has happened to me before is there any reason for this? 🤔
Luscious (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-06)
You might just be very intuitive. Has it happened at other instances?

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