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Helping Me Understandand What Gift I Have


My name is Meg and I am 21!

I personally believe that I have some sort of gift. I'm not exactly sure what I really fall into though. I will try and give a little back ground on my life so to help understand.

I was born on Nov 22 (if I'm not mistaken is a zodiac cusp and I'm not really sure if that is any significance). I have been told that "intuitivness" runs in my mothers side of the family. I have a strong belief it does not run in my fathers. I have had experiences as a small child. Seeing relatives I have never met before after they have passed. I haven't experienced that much lately.

My main idea for this post is I dream a lot. Most of the time it's nonsense stupid stuff. Actually quite a lot of nonsense just outrageously stupid dreams which I'm sure I can attribute to an active imagination but that I'm not even sure about, But roughly 60 recent of the time I have dreams about lost loved ones. About things that have not happened yet. Dreams that pursuade me to believe certain things.

I have on multiple occasions had dreams years in advance about people who I have never met before, but have become significant members of my life. I.e. My college roommate whom I did not meet until move in day.

I have also had dreams about loved ones we have lost in our family. My grandfathers have come to me a lot. I dream very vividly. While I cannot lucid dream I also have nightmares often. Sometimes demonic. I'm not looking for interpretations for them but I just don't know if there's any correlation between them and the other things I have experienced.

I am also good with "gut feelings" sometime I'm wrong which I understand but a lot of my friends come to me not only for advice but to see if a decision to do something would be a good idea. I'm good with feelings. I may sound crazy but I think I can read people's souls or their emotions. I have a friend who has been having a roug time lately. Her and her roommate have been going through some things and when I walk into their apartment I can just feel the sadness in their souls. It's heart breaking.

There's much more. I just don't know how to sort things out. I don't know if I fit into a category but I need some help sorting out these feelings. How to sort through non sense and real things. I don't know if my dreams are significant with something I have and if my birthday has something to do with my abilities. I'm just looking for some educated answers.

Thanks for the help!


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Enceladus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
You are certainly an empath, and you have clairvoyant abilities. I dream a lot as well which some come true about once a week. That gut feeling would be your intuition so it's good to pay attention to that feeling. Empaths feel emotions and are very sensitive. When it comes to emotions, it almost feels like I become that person.

When it comes to precognition, dreams can predict way into the future. I remember having my first one like that. I dreamed of having great teachers in my history classes in sixth grade. So far, that dream had been right. Nightmares aren't much of my specialty as I rarely have them now. Try meditating. I think it really helps getting rid of nightmares. If you develop your abilities even further, you could certainly help many. 😊
RebelTweenOsiria (1 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
Well your not alone, I'm half your age,12, and I have seen someone I can't remember who it was but they called my name, I saw them, but I forget what he/she looked like, but good luck with your gift

Good luck young Padawan!

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