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Lights Numbers Flight And Water


My name is Braeton Pettit. Lights have always gently flickered around me; usually they are in very close proximity to myself. The vanity lights in the bath room, the self-sufficient lamp on my grandparents computer desk, the lamp in the living room. It goes on an on. I got an ipod today with 80% battery. Within hours of my getting home and in my comfort zone (with approx. Ten minute use) the battery was red. I've had the same issue with phones. Today at work I discovered I can make the fluorescent bulbs flicker at will in the regrind room, and made a co-worker watch. I think she was weirded out a little, and asked me if I ever used an Ouija board. My mom used an old one home alone once. It swore at her in German and said terrible, horrifying murderous things to her.

I have astro projected, had prophetic dreams, déjà vu, known the color of candy I was getting, known when people were talking about me, I know what people think of me, and I can look in a person's eyes and feel their emotions and vaguely have an idea of their thoughts.

When I was living with my dad and under high stress because he has deep anger issues, I'd constantly see 3:33 pm on the digital kitchen clock, and also at my mom's house. 4:20 also seems to be significant and I think it refers to a date. My mom tells me I saw full form and detailed ghosts as a child including my deceased grandpa who died in the house we lived in. In that house I always felt myself being watched on the stairs which I refuse to climb. I always feel paranoid as if I'm being watched. I have absorbed a lot of bad energy from my mom who has low self esteem and self respect, and my dad who has boundless rage. Could I be attracting negative things? I'm trying to learn to be happier. I pick up on others negative emotions more frequently and strongly that positive ones. Probably because I have more experience with them.

I love to swim, I love the color blue, I want to live near water, if I had it my way I could shower for hours. Water comforts me like nothing else can, but still doesn't quell my paranoia of not being alone or in the presence of something bearing me ill will. I've always thought I was powerful from a young age. I think demons are trying to posses me to harness my power maybe? I've also ALWAYS wanted to fly, to have wings and soar high above, probably over water. I feel a strong attraction to Egypt. Extremely interested in vampires. Why?

Sometimes I wonder if a body can have multiple souls inside, and I think my soul is very old and powerful. I think maybe I might have an angel inside me, or be part. I'm not a natural healer I don't believe, I know one of those. But if I developed my abilities maybe I could try. I'm an Aries born on March 21, 1993. I'm on the cusp so I guess my solar magnetic fluid or whatever is weak. I once influenced a police officer to make small movements. What sort of keywords could anyone recommend for me to research all this? I'd be very interested in anything! Contact me at

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braebraepettit (guest)
12 years ago (2012-08-16)
I'm starting to worry that maybe I'm normal and just crazy. TT_TT
braebraepettit (guest)
12 years ago (2012-08-16)
Thank you for your input! I have somewhere to start now. I was in a frenzy when I typed this, and in the spur of the moment I forgot to add this: I really don't like the sun as at, it hurts my eyes and I can feel the slow process of the sun burning my skin, within seconds after I go outside. The moon gives me some kind of energy food and nutrition can't, and seems to give me clearer thinking and enhances said energy flow. I can't believe I'm saying this, but its inside me and I need answers about my interest in vampires.
Spirited-away (5 stories) (46 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-01)

I'm an gemini born on 18, 1991. I always felt closer to water and air. I get so excited when there is a storm outside, just feeling the powerful guts of air and the rain pouring down is amazing. I feel like I can fly and that there is so much that I can do, but something is holding me back from releasing this energy within me. As of right now i'm a big empath and Clairaudience <-"I don't like this ability" but i'm learning to accord with it.

If you ever need help, you can always talk to god 😁

Loves and respects
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-01)
Hi, I agree with the things the last commenter made about what your possible abilities are. You have the same birthday as my sister and she is much more Pieces than Aries, also a water lover:) She could do this odd floating thing in the pool and stay there for hours:) also a very old and sensitive soul. Pieces are attracted to water and it is in them, in a sense, you will likely "flow" with the events in your life rather than fight them, water adapts to it's environment. I've also known a few Pieces who felt they could fly:) that they were birds or butterflies in their dreams and could fly.

I also grew up in a very angry and negative household, so I can totally relate to how you feel. Just try to understand that your parents are reactionary and probably don't know how to deal with their emotions or the damage that those emotions can have on others. Hopefully it doesn't effect you too badly, I found I always wanted to "fix" it or escape, I started earning money myself at a young age and got out of the house fairly early in life, paid for my own education and so on. Yes if you allow the negativity to permeate you, I mean if you think negatively or allow it to depress you then yes I do believe you will attract negative things yourself, I did go through a period of this myself. Learn how to protect yourself from negativity through your thoughts and you would be wise not to entertain any negative entities or beings you might encounter, know your boundaries and what you will allow in your life and what you won't - this is important. However, find it in yourself to forgive and understand your parent's ways, have love for them, they are on their own journey.

Madara (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-30)
Hi, first off i'm sorry for my poor english and second I can totaly relate to your story. Street lights usually turn off when I pass under them. Usually my tv's remote control always stops working when I take it. And I had a simular experience with my phone. The battery showed only one bar (out of 7), I felt a shok in my hand, then I looked at the phone and saw 5 bars. I found out that these are Retropsychokinesis and Electrokinesis.
The propetic dreams are Precognition.
Feeling/Seeing other's emotions is Empathy.
I don't personally enjoy water, I love fire, it makes me feel safe and as if I was a part of it.
I also always wanted to learn how to fly and finally my master (the person who taches me how to use my abilities) is teaching me how to. I'm half way there and even know I haven't exactly levitated the feeling's impossible to describe.
I loved Egyption mythology since childhood (talk about coincidents). I always wanted to go there.
And influencing the police officer is mind manipulation.It's a type of telepathy that allows you to send thoughts to someone's mind without them knowing.
I hope this helps 😊

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