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Unusual Experience Whilst Sleeping


I am not sure what is happening to me sometimes when I sleep. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I begin to feel my the palms of my hands and soles of my feet heat up to the point where they seem to radiate heat and energy. My body does not seem to be able to move and my dreams seem otherworldly. Oddly the "dreams" take on a reality and seemingly the same theme to them. They contain archangels and myself as seemingly a Spiritual warrior alongside the angels of heaven against what seem like demonic forces. The experience last for but a few hours after which it a feeling of being at peace, serenity pervades my entire being. It seems in this "dream" I am filled with incredible power that comes from spirit and soul. In some cases, the demonic forces seem scary and are powerful but between myself and the angels we do battle.

I am really have begun to think this is not a normal thing to happen. I believe in the archangels and often request their help and guidance from God and the angels. I pray constantly and am spiritual person. I have been told about spiritual warfare but not sure this is what is happening to me. I have tried to find out about the symptoms on the web to see if this is an illness but nothing fits as this doesn't happen all the time (so it not diabetes or anything like that). The burning hands and feet is not painful or hurts in anyway, it seems natural and somewhat comforting.

Please is there anyone out there who experiences similar experience? I would really like to know what it is?

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brightpup2 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-10-15)
i see visions in your head I see a castle in the clouds, I sense your soul and your being is changing back to what it was, you have visions that hurt. You feel changes takeing place in you. Yes I see a very old angelic soul in you. I see a warrior with golden wings who trained in a palace, in fact I was prince navio. Does that name mean anything to you.
Hopebringer92 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-08-02)
Thank you for the details. From what I see, you are an angel on earth. You see all these things because you are awakening. If you have dream about your weapon you could try and look for runes of it, i'm not 100% sure they will be-> in depended on the person who crafted it. If you want to know more or what to do, you should speak to the angels
Btw. Do names Ara'Ashar or Arir'Aran or Ash'Alla'Ti ring the bell? I think they might be connected with you:D
xantha90 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-08-02)
Hi Hopebringer

I do sometimes experience pressure near my shoulders and they speak a language I do understand but not one I have heard, I usually what I believe to be and know to be an archangel who explains "the mission". I know I have guardian angels. In most of the dreams I wield weapons where the handles are tangible but the blades or whip are of pure light it seems. I can't recall a name for me that isn't my name on earth.
Hopebringer92 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-07-31)
Just like you i've had dreams about the war between forces of heaven and hell. Mine were a little bit different-> i've experienced both sides of the conflict. Actually I was once a good angel an then my hunger for power and my own stupidity persuaded me to fight against heaven. There are many kinds of dreams that I have: the are battles, sometimes I was even watching the battle from a faraway tower. Other time i'd dream about heaven, most of the time I dream of being a blacksmith/enchanter, there was even my experience of a grand ball at the palace. And when 'dreaming' I get strange experience, I feel like my body is a trance-like state. And just like you I can feel the energy radiating from my body, I also feel the wings on my back.
When it comes as to why YOU are experiencing those dreams of war I have two ideas
1. Your guardian angel or other angel that protects you shows you the images and might want to tell you something
2. They might be your memories from your angel life. And that would mean you're one of us.
So I wanted to ask few questions and would be really happy if you were willing to answer.
When experiencing that do you feel a pressure on your back and/or shoulders?
Have you heard some unearthly language that you fully understood?
Was there anybody beside you telling you what's happening in your dream, like you were there with a guide?
Have you heard some names? Were you called by a name that was not the same you have on earth and it felt right?
Sorry for so many questions, but if you could answer them it's be easier for me to see what you are
If you feel uncomfortable answering them here you can email me at: hopebringer92 (AT)

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