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Heard My Name Called Whilst Falling Asleep Last Night


Last night as I was falling asleep, you know when you're between being asleep and being awake, I heard my name called: 'Holly Hughes' twice, I didn't recognise the voice was but it was quite high pitched at first so assumed it was a female. It was also really distorted and changed pitch, the only way I could describe it being similar to when you're tuning a radio. It startled me and I fully woke up. I remember thinking what is that? As the voice sounded pretty weird and unnatural? And I almost played it back in my head and I also listened to see if I could hear anything else but I couldn't and I fell back asleep.

I feel like now I should have asked them what they needed to tell me. Has this happened to anyone else? Do I ask them what they want or what do I do if it's a malevolent spirit? I didn't feel scared though particularly and usually if there is a negative entity, I can more often that not feel the presence, so not sure what this was? A message from a spirit guide maybe? I did ask for help the other day so could it maybe be to do with that?

I should probably also say I have lots of experience with ghosts! I always get touched and I hear names of the spirit and other clairvoyant experiences! I always feel the energy in rooms as well so I can walk into a room and tell if someone died in there and I get feelings of fear and laughter too. I went in my friend's house that is haunted and I had an image of a WW2 soldier and I described him to her and I got the name Tom and her Grandad was called Thomas and fought in WW2 and I described him exactly the way he looked. She was pretty freaked out!

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LucyGal (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-12)
Last night I was having a very hard time falling asleep and so I tried closing my eyes and then instead of seeing spots or darkness alone, I had seen 3 numbers for a split minute... They were 16, 2, and 4 in the form of a squiggly like numbers. I didn't think nothing of it. A few hours later of trying to put my 1 year old son to bed as he has been fighting his sleeps, I finally got him down at midnight. Then I tried closing my eyes again, that's when I heard multiple females voices whispering my name and I opened my eyes... Yes the whispers were still going and so in my head I asked who are you ladies and what is it that you want? I couldn't get an answer from them. I've also experienced multiple ring sound in my right ear the past weeks too and I don't know exactly what that meant as well. Please someone help me find the answer to all of this😭
Mystique33 (1 stories) (8 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-27)
It definitely sounds like it could have been your spirit guide. About 2 months ago I asked mine to identify itself, and it did. By calling my name as clear as day in a female voice that I also didn't recognize, a figure of a woman appeared another day, and on another occasion a name continued to pop up in my head. Due to you being clairvoyant as it seems from your text you'll know by the vibrations on whether or not it's a negative entity.

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