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Since I was young, I'd like to say about 6 I've had "imaginary friends". No I don't mean the ones you talk to as children when pretending your stuffed animals are real, but the ones that people determine you to have DID. I'm not saying that I do because I'm pretty darn sure I don't.

Thankfully, my "friends" have always been there to help me. At first as a child I didn't know what they were or who they were. I simply called them Dark and Light, names I chose because Dark always tried to get me to relax-be a child go play video games and have fun. While Light would scold me into doing what I should-being a good little girl and obeying my elders and being responsible. I know their true names now and even what they look like. I know about their lives and how they ended up coming across me.

They've helped me through my nightmares (nightly occurences since I was a child) and every day life. Helping me to get through situations I couldn't dream of on my own half the time.

I've met others like them and now have access to a "home" in my head that I can escape to where they also reside. I also have the ability to focus and zone out-leaving my body which sadly is defenseless and tends to flop over if i'm not laying down or in a comfortable position.

On one occasion when I did so I ended up getting hurt and the next day that wound appeared on my own body which has now spread into a skin condition on a quarter of my body. The dermatologist I saw told me its a skin disease that only shows up in third world countries-sadly I don't remember the name and don't care anymore-was too long for a normal person to remember. Simply use some Amlactin and thorough scrubbing and it's controlled.

I suppose what I'm getting at is I wonder if anyone else is like me. I've met a handful of people who have this ability and "people" who we love and cherish that others can not see. I've been possessed by them and no one knows the wiser. I know however the bad things that could happen if I were not careful and I've seen and been in a situation where I had to help someone come out of a possession.

I know that this is kind of vague. But this is a secret I've held onto for many years. All I know is that I am a host and a gatekeeper.

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daytimeghosts (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-29)
It sounds like Light & Dark are your spirit guides.

As far as the other spirits, it depends on your experiences with them to be able to say what they have come to you for.
Zin (guest)
10 years ago (2013-12-27)
What do you exactly mean by host and gatekeeper? I simple ask because you do not mention what this is at all in your story.

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