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My name is Nick. I come from a very sensitive family. We all can sense Auras to varying degrees, with mine being the strongest. My mother says I have the role of the Guardian, which she explained that during any Paranormal attack on our family I would serve as the front line. Standing between my family and the entity in question.

I still have a few questions though.

My title is asking about aura projection. As in reaching out with my Aura and "touching" someone else with enough strength that they can feel it across the room. I have done this with my wife physically, so I have witnesses to back me up. I am wondering what this ability is called other than just Aura Projection, because that seems to be a layman's term.

I also have the ability to sense spirits, and whether they are benign or benevolent. Which is why my mother says I am a Guardian. As in I can perceive a threat and counter it. The issue with this ability is that I can only sense them, I cannot see their forms. If anyone has advice on how to evolve my gift to include sight, it would be appreciated... Also I read earlier that if I do start seeing spirits, that I may not see only good Spirits. But the evil ones as well. This does not bother me because I can sense the evil, I would just like to put a face to my adversary.

Another ability of mine is when I am out, I have to ignore the urge to ask people what is bothering them. I feel that something is bothering them, but I cannot pinpoint it. This is a new ability for me that just started manifesting about 1 month ago and it is actually quite frightening. Please help me learn to control it.

I am not asking much. I just want to know ways to evolve, and grow in my abilities. I have the power, the gift, but I lack so much of the knowledge. Please help this fledgling Guardian learn.

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-03)
It is simply just aura projection, nothing else. As for the sensing spirits that is clairsentience and the ability to sense when something is bothering someone etheirs simply empathy. Combined it makes you a great guardian. I agree though, never seek out answers from an ouija board, never intentionally seek out spirits, never use your abilities to do anything impure, when they say karma is a bi**h, they aren't joking
cdd (1 stories) (3 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-19)
Thulsa, Nicholas, and Jodenx12,

I apologize if I am intruding on your conversation, but I recently got a gift of seeing auras. I hadn't seen my disabled daughter for 9 months because she turned 18 and her mother told me I would never see her again. After nine months and not being able to take it anymore, I had the police come with me to her mom's house. I finally got to see her and cried my eyes out on a Texas interstate while me and my daughter were on our way home. At that moment, I saw my spirit come out of my chest, and it got really warm in that spot right where my heart was. God told me that it was him reaching down to touch my spirit. Two weeks later, I saw my wife's aura. Ever since then, I can see auras on demand, or sometimes when I am not looking for them. They just appear. I looked at my hand earlier to see my aura and I saw the aura project forward. I don't know anything about auras. The books I've read and when I google it, it's like it is useless. I see all kinds of colors, not just basic colors, and you can tell that some of the people on google that claim to see auras are faking it. If y'all know of anybody that can help me learn what this gift means, please have them email me at cddurr [at]
NicholasShinault (2 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-06)
I do walk with Him, to best of my human ability... I want to grow as a Guardian. If that means becoming a target, I will walk into the valley of the shadow of death, and I will SURVIVE!

Please help me learn more!
jodenx12 (70 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-23)
As a Guardian myself, Nicholas what Thulsa is saying is deep, you must heed his warning because pursuing this spiritual lifestyle is not fun and games. Depending how deep you want to continue, you become a target to evil and they will come after you and try to kill you, they will disrespect you and spit on your face but you must be bold and the only way you can truly get through this is if you walk with the lord for he can only protect you and guide you to the right people that can help you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more as a Guardian yourself.
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-20)
Aura Projection, Nick I can't advise you on the Aura issue, but can help on other issues maybe. Everyone tapped into these senses are slightly different and have different gifts. I lean more to the intuitive and warrior realm. Since I was young I used to see haze and funny shadows and as I got older started to notice things other people missed or took no note of. It started the first time a went to a large shopping mall with my mom. I was just sitting on a bench outside the store waiting for her. I was really bored and just sorta staring off into space and once in awhile watching people. After awhile I made a game out of trying to notice the people that seemed to be lost or just didn't look normal to me. For as long as I can remember all people I looked at kind of had an area of light or halo around them kind of like heat waves on the pavement. I thought it was just normal and never gave it a second thought. I have never seen brilliant colors like people talk about just variable degrees or sizes of the same energy. While sitting at the mall watching people I started to notice a person once in awhile that had no Aura at all. There wasn't very many just 1 once in awhile by themselves. This caught my attention and I started concentrating on singling out just those people. Soon I discovered that person was the one that just didn't quite fit into the crowd no matter how hard they tried. Then something quite startling happened, one man by himself out of the corner of my eye glanced at me and when I turned to focus on him he disappeared I mean in a split second vanished. This gave me a start and spooked me a little. I also had an unsettling angry feeling hit me from my side like when you feel someone glares at you. I turned and the same man was standing across the mall from me. This time he was staring straight at me and glaring. I fixed my gaze on him and stared back not wanting to lose site of him. I knew as soon as I blinked he would be gone. As hard as I concentrated I could not see that light around him. It was like he could not budge as long as I was looking at him. I suddenly got a feeling of total hate and contempt from him like he wanted to reach across the distance and strangle me. I held him in my gaze for what seemed like an eternity. The second I blinked he was gone. Later that day as we went from store to store I would first feel him and then see him. I watched him follow someone or a family for awhile way to close for comfort and they did not even notice him. As soon as he caught me watching him he would just disappear. Each time a lost more fear of him but I began to feel him fear me. In my mind I was telling him leave them alone I see you and know what you are. Through time I have seen many more of these people in large crowds and they are always projecting anger and evil intent when I see them and feel them. I believe these are evil entities trying to influence people and their thoughts and energies. I don't know if you really want to open yourself up to this or not. If you do you better pray for protection and forgiveness for when you step into this arena you will be challenged. You will become like a lighthouse beacon to these entities. They will definitely be able to pick you out in a crowd easier than you see them. You need to work on shifting your attention or conscious thought to different subjects in an instant kind of like blowing out or covering a candle. Everyone will have their own opinion on this and you need to find your own path. As a Christian man I use The Lords Prayer to totally squelch down and shift attention. As I said everyone has their own gifts and beliefs. I am adept at sensing and reading evil and residual energies. I am constantly given sight into what will happen and try to warn people, but am cursed in the fact that they ignore me or simply don't retain what I tell them. Nobody wants to hear I told you so. You just have to step back and lat them go. I sensed there was something evil after my father in law. It seemed every time he turned around something bad was happening to him or his family. I kept having a feeling of impending doom. We where working on building his house and I kept getting a gnawing at me telling me not to leave him. Later I convinced him to lay down and rest for awhile and go see the Doctor the next day. He woke up the next with a lot of pain in his chest and went to the doctor. When he got there they started him on a stress test and immediately sent him to the cardiac unit he was having a heart attack right there. Long story short I had to nag the heck out of him until he gave in. Back to the subject at hand. Evil does exist and it can harm you or your family so protect yourself How could we know good without evil to compare to. I am not a theorist I have done battle with things that can't be explained by science, only religion has the answers to the stuff outside our normal world around us. People probably won't like what I say sometimes or might say I am making up stories, but my wife laughed at me until she experienced some of things I did then things changed. She now believes in some of the things I warned her of. I have dealt with the paranormal and the real stuff isn't all sparkles and moon beams. I am not well known and prefer to keep a low profile. I don't try to make money from people either. You really need to ask yourself how much or what you want to open yourself up to. If you want to see what you think you are feeling study big groups and crowds. Learn to perceive things about a 45 degree angle off of directly in front of your vision and you will start to catch the things hiding in the shadows. The dark things don't like to be seen directly. After awhile and some practice you will start to both feel and catch what you are looking for. Sometimes these entities like to move in on you from behind at just to the side of you and show themselves. They feed on fear it gives them power to manifest. The truly powerful and really evil entities will try and deceive you and manifest as a young child or kindly old man or woman. I have carried on a conversation with them and can tell you they will not say God or Jesus or any other reference to him. Their demeanor will change in an instant if you pay attention. To sum up be careful if you travel down that path and never ever play with a Ouija board. I have dealt with the after affects and it is bad. It isn't the board it's the game. It is a form of a ceremony and it does open door ways. I have at least 25 stories that started that way and ended up badly. I won't say what I do for a living but I come in contact with at least 4 to 12 houses a day and have had to protect myself more than once. Maybe there are good spirits out there, but I keep coming in contact with bad ones it seems. The worst hauntings were caused by terrible events or harmless games and seances. Work on your protection before you go looking for things that go bump in the night. They do exist. Sorry for the length of this story/comment but I don't want to see anyone come to harm.

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