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Lost My Touch And Don't Know What To Do


My story starts with my mom. She has always been able to see ghosts and she may be haunted. She was scared when she was a kid when she heard children in the crawl space during the night. Her bookcase even rocked over her spontaneously passed the point of falling over. She screamed and closed her eyes and her mother ran in and asked her what was wrong and she opened her eyes and the bookcase was still.

More recently she has seen her father in law after his passing. He even communicated to her that he was "coming for the baby." I was a baby at the time so you can imagine her feeling of terror but she soon received word of the passing of a baby horse during birth, at the nearby track. My father raced horses and owned a couple so his father was taking the baby horse to where it needed to be.

Another story is when she was driving around town. She turns onto this street with a man walking along the white line. No cars were coming so my mom slowed down and moved into the other lane. There was a sidewalk so she kind of looked at him funny for being in the road and she said that he quick looked at her and made a face that read, "You can see me?" She drove by and slowed down more to turn around to see the man again but he was gone. She also pointed out that there was no time for him to make it to the woods, he chose not to be seen at that point.

There are a couple more stories I know of but I'm going to share an experience of my own. When I was young (age 4 to 10) I could sometimes know what was going to happen in the immediate future. It came in flashes where I play a scenario out in my minds eye very vividly. That was the most rare instance, I would also be talking to someone and know what they are going to say without any context. It felt like I was taking that from them and I could finish their sentence. If someone was my age it was easy but certain adults allowed me to do this too.

Since age ten or so, I can't get these experiences anymore and I don't know why.

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ProfKelly (38 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-21)
You may be able to find the reason here: ( Based on the information you provided, the most likely may be "Due to Life Changes and Challenges," but other reasons may apply.

Hope this helps!

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