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I was just wondering if anyone know's if its possible to have "one off" psychic experiences. About 4 years ago, I was living with my mother in her town house, doing the usual (I was studying in school) at the time. It was late afternoon, and I believed that my mum would be coming home soon, as she was planning an evening out with a friend, and assumed she would be home soon, from shopping. I was reading over some papers/exams in my room, and decided to get a drink from the kitchen. Quiet relaxed, I strolled over towards the hallway, when I felt a sudden jolt/flash of a feeling of terror/impending doom. My stomach dropped, heart started beating fast... (in a panic) and I had a "flash" picture in my mind. Of flashing red and blue lights (resembling police lights) . I also had seen what I believe to be blood, and a feeling that someone had been injured in a crash. The image faded and I began to walk slowly towards the kitchen wondering what had just happened. I still had a terrible feeling in my stomach, and the first thought and feeling that came to my mind was "mum is not going to make it home tonight. She's been in a serious car crash. In that very moment the phone began to ring. (I later discovered it was her to tell me the "news" of the accident). I did not answer the phone in fear of what I was going to hear. I stumbled around for about 15 minutes, thinking that maybe I was imagining it and wondering what had happened to me. About half an hour later, my mum showed up at the door (I was relieved) With a dried up tear, and appearing to be shaking slightly, or in shock... Telling me she had been in a freak accident at the near by round about she uses often, that links to the freeway. The other car had swerved, and completely flipped upside (a very near miss) .Which may have ended tragically, had they not seen my mother who came from the left side, completely oblivious to the on coming car. The drive rof the other vehicle had suffered a broken nose, and had to be taken to hospital. Since this incident, I have never had a psychic experience, such as this one again, but I am very empathic, and I pick up on other people's emotions very easily. It is difficult for me to be around troubled people for very long, especially angry people. I was wondering if anyone has had one off type experiences like this, and what it means... Thanks for any advice in advance,:)

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Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-20)
Hi Rocks82. I started to know when I would somehow encounter auto accidents in my early 20's. I am now 55 years old. I have anticipated at least 4 major accidents over the years. One I knew would happen about 6 hours before it actually did. Others, I know a few minutes before, and for some it is simultaneous. This was also the beginning of my opening to more empathic abilities. For one of them, it was my car that would have been hit. I was ale to change lanes right before the material in the back of the truck that had been in front of me fell out all over the cars behind. I watched from 4 lanes to the left in shock that I had been able to miss it. What do you mean by a "one off" though? I am not familiar with that term.

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