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Intuition, And Manifestation: Parallels Not Understood


When I was 13 years old I knew things that were going on in my own house, but I wasn't present to witness them. The voices in my simply told me what was going on. I trusted this voice when I was young, yet it seemed more like my imagination. But it was indeed an all knowing power. Even when the knowledge would tell me dark things, like... Your mom is now catching your step father peeping in through a hold in your bedroom wall... I wasn't afraid of the knowledge. It simply came to me and I listened to it. As I got older the "imagination, intuition vanished around the age 13. It wasn't until a friend introduced me to "the law of attraction" that I started studying and practicing this clairvoyant ability again. I started researching Edgar Cayce and found many answers I was looking for. Edgar cycle says when we have an intuitive thought, we won't know whether we are creating it or manifesting it... And those two concepts I have been trying my hardest to understand. Manifesting with the law of attraction and also intuition. It's been so hard for me to grasp the difference,, and I guess Edgar was right... I would never know the difference. I receive intuition a lot more now that I am receptive of it. I might ask my inner being for some higher guidance and when I receive some knowledge it's hard to know if I am manifesting the thought or if I am intuitively receiving the thought. For example... I might ask my intuition when I will meet the man I marry. It will give me how many years or how old I will be when that date comes. But then there are times where I feel like I am also manifesting this to happen... I know this seems very strange, but I would seriously like some answers. Sometimes it's hard to live life with intuition when it tells you things you don't like to know about the world or other people. How can I shut it off, and alternatively how can I turn it back on when I need it? This psychic ability is just becoming so strong. To the point that I know or sense how others are feeling when they are not around me. I don't want to know everyone's internal drama. It has become such a part of me and my life that I sometimes forget that other people do not have this ability. I feel like everyone else can pick up on my thoughts too.

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Gingerclaircog (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-10)
This is almost exactly like me. I just don't remember exactly how old I was when I started "knowing" my inner voice sounds like my conscience only I usually hear one sort of information on the left and more deep or timely things I hear from the right. I also had an experience similar but not quite as disturbing now as an adult. I kept hearing the word "her" and the words "its her" I didn't understand these words in the middle of the night as I lay in my bed... Then all the sudden my mom starts yelling at my dad "who is she? Tell me! Who is she LEE!?!. I don't know when it stopped occurring but I think it was when I became fearful after dreaming about a mass murder that did happen the morning I was dreaming about it. The theme of the dream was different, but the overall situation, even location and death toll was precise. Then over the last 10 years things would come to me very sporadically. Until February this came back and it was like shutting all the premonitions out for so long built them up. I couldn't even walk down a street without being "prompted" to address complete strangers and ask them certain things... This is how I confirm a read coming on. But my empathic nature was also set free with a type of vengeance. It was so bad that for 2 years I stayed alone in bed... I was EXHAUSTED BY OTHERS. Come to learn that I was feeling everything they felt... Even strangers I passed. I had to build a "veil" some call it. Its not possible to handle all that information... Not mentally. If you don't learn to "filter"

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