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The Whispering Voice In My Daughter's Ear


I was going to the Family dollar store on Sandy Hollow Road in Rockford Illinois. It was 8:30 pm. Me and my daughter Christina rushed into the store to grab dog food for our dog before the store closed that evening.

I went to my car parked across the street from the store in a well lit area. In full view of the Family Dollar store main entrance. I had rung out of the store and had a brief conversation with the cashier. As I was line I noticed a blond haired woman shopping. Me and my daughter rang out of the store. I pushed a shopping cart to my car. My daughter rushed into the car as I put the heavy bag of dog food in my car. I shut the car door and I proceeded to walk across the street and put my shopping car into the store.

I pushed the cart into the store and spotted the man walking in the darkness toward me. I yelled in the store a strange man was walking toward the store. I told them to be careful. He was about 100 feet away. At that moment I sensed pure evil in this man. I walked quickly toward my car with my child in it. The man sped up his walking. I saw a blond woman about 45 putting he store bags in her car.

I turned my key and drove away. In that moment I saw the man approach the woman. Then my daughter Christina said " Mom, I heard a voice and it sounded like your voice." "Mom it sounded creepy." "Christina that may have been an evil voice it was not mine." At that instant as we drove away from the creepy man. I knew that Christina also sensed pure evil in this man. I had noticed in my child Christina if she sensed danger, she would hear a spirit voice in her ear. This was a warning system to warn her of any danger. This was not the first time she had heard a voice, and then we had a close car with something wicked.

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