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My Recurring Dream


I keep having dreams of water. The first dream I had was of a lake. I was driving and it had flooded. People had to turn their cars around because the river had flooded. The road had washed away. The next dream I had was of ponds. I dreamed I drove down a highway, and there were ponds, all on the side of the road.

Maybe this was Gordon Wisconsin. I drove past there before. Not sure why I keep having these dreams of driving past a lake that is washed away. People in that dream were outside their cars looking at the lake flooding. It may have been Lake Wisconsin. The people in the dream got out of their cars and were surprised the lake had flooded into the road. There were many cars and people looking at this lake and washed out road by the lake.

In the next dream I just saw hundreds of ponds. Small ponds. Large ponds. As I drove down the road. Now, not so sure what all these water dreams mean? Could they be telling me that I will go somewhere to live? Maybe I will go on vacation with flooded lakes or ponds. Quite possibly, there will be a great flood coming up. Where some big lake floods into the road.

I dreamed this lake blocks the main road. So the people have to turn their cars around. In the dream there are families in their cars witnessing the great flood. The dreams happen in the summer time. I wake up tired, trying to recall the dreams. For a while I will not dream at all for months and then these water dreams again. These dreams keep recurring. Quite possibly these are psychic prophecy dreams, of things to come.

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prettystar01 (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-03)
Water can have many meanings since it an element that can change in appearance, taste and smell, so be careful of jumping to conclusion.

I had lots of dreams of water when I was kid but kept assuming it represented my emotional state, but looking back at it I would probably say It probably represented the spirituality of other people.
MissCherokee (2 stories) (20 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-02)
First of all, trust your first instincts. What exactly is the the dream telling you? What I mean is, what are you feeling while you are dreaming this dream? Are you feeling a future event that will affect everybody? Like a natural disaster? Don't get sidetracked by the locality specifically. More to the point, reach for the message by way of feeling, sensing, during your dream. There in lies the answer. You might, as in prayer, ask for help understanding your dream. IF this is a recurring dream, it is a message you haven't quite understood yet, and you need to be confident that you can understand it, once you know how. You hold the key. The visuals are important in the dream but equally so, are the feelings of the dream. What it was making you feel. The most overwhelming impression. I'm sure you have analyzed this dream over and over. But it is pretty basic. Go meditate on it, and ask to bring back the memory of the feeling of the dream. Your first impression of it. You were shown a future event? A warning? Hmm. I am interested in what you come up with. Peace. MissCherokee

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