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Recurring White Flashes And Loud Noises


I'll start with a brief introduction of myself.

I'm 22 years-old and believe in the supernatural, both good and bad spirits. I was raised by my Catholic parents and they are big believers in Saints and Angels. On the other hand, I started questioning certain things about religion and am not as religious as I was when I was younger. On that note, I'd to state that I really like rock and heavy metal music so I may be more susceptible to evil spirits.

Some of you may recognize me from the sister website,, where I've published a story about my deceased grandfather, whom I believe was protecting my sister and I. Since I had a conversation (one-sided) with him, the activity in the house has minimized but my cat still stares at blank spaces and sprints (especially downstairs), scratching all of the floor.

The story I'm about to write here may or may not be related to my grandfather's passing, which is why I'd like your insight.

I rarely have straight 8-10 year sleep periods and wake up several times a night for whatever the reason may be. Since I was very young, maybe 5-10, I would occasionally experience a bright, white light which would start off as faint and then grow, as if it were getting closer to me. As the light would appear closer to me, I would also hear a loud ringing noise in both of my ears, simultaneously. It's important to note that my eyes were closed throughout all of this (awake) because I felt so scared and I couldn't move. It felt as if something was forcingly telling me to go to back to sleep.

I know what some of may might think, "it's just sleep paralysis". I think it's something more than that.

Again, this has occurred many times, throughout a span of I'd say 10 years or so

Another fact that is important to note is that babies and animals stare at me. I'm not just saying a little 2 second look and giggle; I mean a full-fledged 2 minute, serious stare. For example, I often see this stray black cat in my area. It could be looking one way and the second it sees me crossing the street, it turns its head towards me and stares at me, almost like it feels threatened by me.

I know this is just 1 cat out of many, but it happens with other animals and babies as well. I can be on a city bus with 50-100 other people and babies would just stare at me to the point where parents notice and have to excuse themselves.

Recently, I was at a party and one of the guests starting talking about her premonitions with her nephew's death. I was intrigued and had chills the entire time she was talking about it. That night, I opened up to her about my experiences with the supernatural and she told me the white light may be the Holy Spirit trying to contact or guide me and that animals/babies stare at me because they're attracted to my light aura.

Sorry if seems like a bit much to take in, all in one post but I'd like to know what you guys think about all of this.



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Drakoreo (2 stories) (37 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-29)
Firstly haha! No music is evil, so don't worry about that, but negative lyrics can effect some people in a negative way, so if that is a concern for you, I do suggest seeking music that is both enjoyable and comfortable.

Seeing sparkles or flashes usually indicates angels, which are very related to the holy spirit, because they are a very similar form of energy (love consciousness).

Sleep paralysis is a common expirience for clairvoyants, (I say you are a clairvoyant because you have had expiriences with your grandfather and spiritual sparkles) strangely something which helps, try sleeping on your side instead of your back, if you want to decrease these expiriences. In my opinion, sleep paralysis takes place in a state of mind between dream and awake, like a 'inbetween' the spiritual world and the waking world, as in my opinion, the spirit and dream realm are very close.

Sleep paralysis can be used as a tool to achieve out of body expiriences, which may or may not be something you are interested in. I believe clairvoyances expirience sleep paralysis more often because they have stronger spiritual anilities such as inducing out of body expiriences.

Children and animals are absolutely attracted to 'light auras" animals are extra sensitive to energies, and children, being younger, they are closer to the "spiritual source" call it God, if you will. I think they are staring at you more likely for good reasons, they may be looking afraid because you are expressing fear of being stared at, try smiling and apriciating their attention, you likely will recieve smiles back and good vibes all around:)

I have a feeling there is angelic/divine protection/guidance occuring for you,
I also get a feeling you are concerned about negative energies,
Try not to mind them so much, think about other things, you have strong divine/angelic protection.

Thoughts are invitations, so try to focus your thoughts on good intentions, if you start concerning about 'evil' spirits, think pure, loving thoughts, that not only keeps them away, but also keeps your view of where you want to go/what you are inviting to expirience clear and specificly positive.

Blessings, and take care:)
Let me know if you have any other questions!

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