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As far as psychic experiences go I think I've had many even though I can only really see my guides when my eyes are closed. I generally get mental images of them but I know that they're there. I don't which of my experiences to start off with but I guess I'll start with sharing the experiences I've had with one of my guides and experiences which I feel comfortable with sharing.

In about the year 2008 I think it was, me and my friend were texting to each other on a Friday night arranging what we'd do the next day. We eventually to go into the city on Saturday. Feeling happy with the decision I fell to sleep. As soon as my eyes closed I felt what I can only explain as a tug. I felt like something was trying to pull me and take me somewhere but it wasn't my physical body which was being tugged. I don't really know how to explain that feeling. At first I was a little scared but I was just so tired because it had been a very busy day that whatever fear I had subsided and I relaxed. And suddenly, I was looking at a roof in the city. On this Roof, stood a European Eagle Owl which are owls I don't think we get here in Australia. It was looking at something, then it lifted up its wings and silently took flight down the river and away from the city. As soon as the dream was over, my friend called me and told me that she didn't feel like going into the city. I told her that it was fine and we decided to go somewhere else instead and we were both happy but I didn't tell her about my dream. Something about that dream was a little unnerving especially since my dreams are never that clear the moment I close my eyes and that owl. I couldn't understand how that owl knew I wouldn't be going into the city.

At the beginning of 2015, my friends and I decided we were going to go to the Zoo. The night before we went to the Zoo, I had a dream of the Owl again. Once again it was standing on one of the buildings and looking at something. But instead of it flying, the next thing I saw was a giraffe which I assume that owl must've been looking at and it was trying to make me aware of the giraffe for some reason. The next day I found out what that reason was. When I went to the Zoo, because of some issue the giraffes were kept in their pens and not let out for the public to see. It was a shame since I sort of looked forward to seeing the giraffes. I didn't really share this with my friends since I didn't want to scare them or anything like that.

A few weeks later I was trying to get ready for my course and I can't remember why but I felt stressed and panicked. That night I had a dream of the same owl but this time it wasn't in the city at all. This time was in a forest and it quickly hopped/ climbed this tree's branches and looked out at a clear blue sky. That dream sort of made my night since to me it meant you'll come out of this and everything will turn out all right. And it did.

And then I sort of got curious about this owl. Funnily enough I had also been reading this child's book called Spirit Animals. I don't know why I bought this book. I guess it was because it was about animals and magic but I never really made the connection and after that 3rd Dream I was sort of like, oh, I should probably do some research. I must admit that I felt pretty stupid. I felt as if someone had put such a big clue in front of my face and I missed it completely. But yeah that's how I learned about actual spirit animals and spirit guides and I realized that one of my spirit animals/ spirit guides was definitely the Eurasian Eagle Owl.

I then started to wonder about its name. I wasn't sure if my owl guide was listening but I wanted to know its name. And then during a dream a few weeks after my course started, I saw the familiar owl sitting on a branch in a forest. It looked at me and tilted it's head to its side and having had a bird for a pet once I knew that it was curious and trying to listen. Realizing that this was my big chance, I asked for it's name not knowing if it could speak or not since in all my previous experiences it was very silent and never said a word. It then said in a bold, powerful voice, "Quazimodo." I was sort of confused, thinking about the name I knew it's meaning to be horrible and I felt and knew that this eagle owl was not horrible or deformed at all and the name didn't suit me well at all as a result. I then found myself asking the owl to reconsider and to change its name. Then it replied in the same bold, powerful voice, "Frodo." And then the dream ended. Thinking about it now, even though the owl yet again didn't say a word, I know that in that dream he also told me that I should stand up for myself more. But yeah, I don't think my guide's whispers and voices has ever been as clear as Frodo's. So naturally, as soon as I was able I looked up the name Frodo which means Wise by experience. The name suited my owl guide very well and I'm glad he told me. I prefer it when my guides have a name. I understand that they might have many names but I find it easier to communicate with them and tell them apart if they have a name. I hope that's not weird or anything like that. It's sort of why I generally ask my guides for their name and if they aren't telling me a name or if I think they're struggling of thinking of a name then I tend to give them a name. I hope that's not weird either.

Well, I really hope that this does not make me weird. I'm already autistic so I think I'm different enough from everyone else. Frodo's story is what I'm most comfortable with telling others. I've told my mom and even one of my sisters about Frodo. My mom sort of texted me back and told that it was kind of scary after she read it. Since my sister barely talks to me much because of her eating issue and she never replied I have no idea what she thought of the story but I just hope she's more accepting. And my father I think is a person I'd never tell. My dad is such a critic. And my dad I think is the main why I'm afraid of sharing my experiences because I'm pretty sure that of all people he wouldn't believe a word and would probably think I was crazy or something if I even mentioned my experiences of Frodo the Owl or any experiences which involves my other guides.

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eleiriel (guest)
9 years ago (2015-09-23)
That's so cool! One of my guides is a hawk. I also have a polar bear, a river otter, a white wolf, and a bald eagle. I get visions of the river otter climbing on my lap and I feel her nudge me and paw at me playfully. Frodo must really like you a lot:) cool story!
Qwanri (3 stories) (23 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-14)
Thank you so much Hecate0 and Vergil117. I am so happy I have found this site so that I can share experiences I've had.
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-28)
Qwanri, I think you are lucky to have guides that are patient and persistent. The book story is great. They were knocking you on the head about animal spirits. I find my guides do that, too. And, they have a sense of humor. The best thing about these sites, this and the Ghost Stories site, is that people are accepting and understanding of 'different'. We're all the different kids on the block here. So, even if your family is skeptical at best, know that you have openminded and accepting people here.

I love it that in the dreams in which Frodo wants to communicate with you, it is more clear, even the voice is more bold. Use your gut. I am glad these guides seem to protect you already. I always encourage people to get protection. Yours is already evident.

Best to you. Thanks for sharing.

vergil117 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-06-24)
Wow. He sounds really amazing! Frodo sounds like he's going to teach you a lot of things and guide you for a long time:)

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