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Recurring Dreams And Other Happenings


About five months ago, I started having recurring dreams about a guy I was currently going to high school with. I had never had a class with him, and we had never spoken before, but I knew who he was. However, I just dreamed about him anyway. At first the dreams were weekly, but then they got more frequent, to the point that I might have multiple dreams about him in one night. To date, I have had around 50-60 dreams about him (I keep a dream journal, so this is accurate). The dreams were always different, but he was always by my side, and always a friend, no matter what the situation.

However, the dreams were not the entirety of his presence in my life. There were a few more instances when he would just show up in my life against all odds, which are as follows: At our school, we have a tradition that our school would have a special assembly dedicated to the college-bound seniors at our school, which probably consisted of 200-300 people. We were all divided into seven groups, who would all walk at different times, so as not to bore the underclassmen. My group had only two people: me, and the guy I dream about. That's when I first met him. It was the perfect opportunity, since it forced us to spend time together, but also wildly unlikely. There were at least four other students who were supposed to be in that group, but none of them showed up, for unknown reasons.

I had to conduct a survey as a final project for statistics a couple months after the dreams started. There are 1577 people in my high school, and I used an electronic random number generator to choose who would be surveyed. There were a couple people who were chosen twice, but the guy I dream about was chosen several times, which is quite unlikely, considering how many people could have been chosen instead.

I was at my cousin's birthday party (my cousin was turning seven), and one of the kids there looked like the guy I dream about. Not shockingly close, but there was resemblance. The next time I came to school, the guy I dream about was wearing the exact same outfit that the kid at the birthday party was wearing. It was a rather generic outfit, but still a strange coincidence.

After school ended, and the guy I dream about went back to Norway (he was an exchange student), I had a dream about this hooded figure, who telepathically told me what his name was, and told me I had to find the guy I dream about. I googled the hooded figure's name when I woke up, and he was real. He and the guy I dream about are brothers. They have different surnames, though, so the connection wasn't obvious at first. I never even knew he had a brother, let alone his name.

Then finally, tonight, I was going out to eat with some friends in college, and the eatery had some big glass doors that couldn't be opened for some reason. I was talking to my friends, and then I glanced through the doors, and saw the guy I dream about standing there looking at me. There was no doubt that it was him, just by looking, but it couldn't have been, since he was 4000 miles away. We made eye contact, then he made a shushing motion with his finger, then walked out of sight. I went to the door to look for him, but there was no one there. I'm pretty sure that this was some sort of hallucination, since I know he's not dead, because we're connected on social media and talk about once a week, so it can't be a ghost, and I'm giving time travel the benefit of the doubt here, so I definitely saw someone who wasn't there.

Before this ends, I want to a couple things clear: First, I'm not in love with him. He's a straight male, and so am I. Second, I don't want to stop dreaming about him. I remember dreams very well, and to me, it all feels real. It really feels like he's a close friend, and I've never had a friend who is always there for me no matter what before, and I have that in him now. I don't want to lose that. I just want to know more about why this is happening to me. I want to know who he really is, and what his purpose is in my life. I also kind of want to know how I can keep seeing him in my dreams. I haven't told him about any of this, since a mutual friend told me that he probably wouldn't take it well, but after the interaction I had with him, I wonder how true that is. I want to tell him, but what I want more is for him to see me in a positive way, and not as a freak or a stalker. So I don't know what to do next, and I guess that's why I need help right now. Do we have a connection? Should I talk to him about this? Why him specifically? I just want to know why this happens and what to do about it.

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