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Spirit Manifestations, Help?


Ever since I was toddler I've always had the gift to see spirits (Confirmed by my Mum and another Psychic). Most notably when I started getting older into my teens and moved into a new house, I've started to see "Shadow people". Not all the time just uncommonly. They would range from different sizes to different appearances. I didn't see them in my third eye, I saw them with my physical eyes, whether it was straight on or in my peripheral vision.

When I moved into my new house, my grandparents bought me a new bed. When the bed arrived and sleeping in the bed for the few couple of nights I started experiencing my bed starting to shake, my sheets/blankets would start to be pulled off the bed by itself and I would feel this ghost/entity/spirit hovering over me. Felt like cold breeze, like as if air was compressed in a certain shape/form and you would feel the difference between normal air and compressed air. If that is understandable. After telling my family about what I was experiencing, my Grandma decided to bless the house and bless me. When she went into my room, as she was also vacuuming the bedrooms, she came out screaming from my room and she said she thought she saw a black Tarantula come out from under my bed, and as she went to look for it under the bed, she couldn't find it. I don't live in a place that has Tarantulas inhabiting the area, the only spiders in the suburban are Black widows, Red-backs, Huntsman, Daddy long legs and those small jumpy spiders. She blessed the house, and everything stopped for about 9 years.

But during those years, I've been seeing ghosts manifest to me but no actual physical attempts. Some of the things I have been experiencing during those years are:

I've seen some with glowing eyes *yellow/white*. One that I could remember was wearing my mums clothes as I woken up in the morning and saw it straight on whilst laying on my side on the right hand side of my bed, I clearly remember that I was looking at its back as it was bending over my laptop which was on the ground, I could see its arms as black like shadow but it was solid looking like a human. It pulled out my laptop cord from my laptop. There was also another figure shadow but appeared at night and my room was dark only the laptop light was on and I saw it pass from also straight on, in-front of my bed and I think it walked to the right of my front bed and disappeared. But it was looking at me and it's eyes was glowing yellow, it's physical appearance was charcoal in color but 3D like human figure. There are more experiences with Shadow people like 3 more but you probably get it.

I have also begin to see orbs with my physical eyes, White orbs and Black orbs. Like pass and it too would happen uncommonly. It would be like balls of blackness or white. Usually what I would see is i'd see black small ball orb pass in-front of me very quickly and then I would see a white orb small ball follow up on the black orb. Sometimes I would see white orbs at the corner of my room or in-front. I'd also encountered a spirit or I honestly don't know what it was really, but it appeared to me as a shadow on my blinds and it was showing me these images? Like I was talking to it through my mind? And it was making these shadow pictures appear on the blinds. It was showing me vivid images as well like it was flashing and it showed me a picture of myself in hospital with my phone in front of me listening to music but I was wearing a head-wrap and I was going bald. It was weird. It was like vivid images flashing. I don't know honestly.

Now currently this year I have been experiencing a lot of things. A lot of BAD things. My grandpa past away in January, and my grandma's house got even more haunted then it was when her father died last year November. She was experiencing poltergeist activity in her house, and whenever I went to bed in my room in her house, I would hear my coat hangers move, Lights would flicker and so on. After my grandpa past away I would occasionally see apparitions of him and I would sense that he is around even when my other family members didn't feel like he is around and that he has "Left" the place.

This year I became really sick, after my grandpa's death, in June I had to go to hospital, for a serious illness that randomly appeared? It mainly affected my eyesight and hearing. Granting if hadn't been treated I would of gone fully blind/deaf or both, I had symptoms of a Pseudo-tumor. My Uncle, grandma, Aunty also became sick and started getting bad-luck in their life as well. I thought that maybe someone had placed a curse on my family.

I started to have sleep paralysis attacks and the last sleep paralysis attack was in August after my grandpa's birthday. Where usually I'd get attacks whilst sleeping on my back. This attack I got sleeping on my left side, and I felt a 'WHOOSH' like spirit or something was trying to push me on to my back, but I couldn't see the entity cause my eyes was closed and instantly I knew I was in a sleep paralysis attack, I smiled in the attack and I immediately woke up. A few days later I felt a warm hug from a spirit, like its arms around my stomach, felt super warm and weird.

Next, September, I went into hospital but this time they put me into a children's ward, and I had the same illness as before. I'm still recovering but on the day as I was going to leave the hospital, in the morning I started experiencing SPIRITS pulling on my blanket, two spirits at the end of my bed pulling on my blanket and one spirit pulling on my Pillow that I was laying on for support on my side, (Lumber puncture). I wasn't scared, I was just weirded out. I was talking to them, that I know they are there and why are you doing this and calling them mischievous spirits. I felt another spirit started to poke my catheter or that tube, I honestly don't know what it is called. It hurt. I was upset that I couldn't sleep because of that happening. So I literally threw my support pillow to the chair beside the hospital bed. I fell for the trick:/ It started to touch me. And it got personal. In the hospital room I would hear knocks on the window and on top of my hospital bed on the perch that held hospital gloves and things there. I saw like 2 spirit apparitions as smokey black in a small human figure like it was child sized. Or something. This was in daylight.

Ever since of coming out from hospital until this day I am experiencing spirits/entities or beings of whatever types touch me. I know 2 spirits or 3 touch me in my uh personal area. One spirit would just casually appear under my bed-sheets with me and cling on to me, manifest its spirit body/legs and it would feel like a warmness of compressed air? I would feel cobwebs/pinching/electricity feeling on my body. Then this spirit would touch my down there and shove its D in me. Every single time I would try to sleep. While i'm awake like not dreaming like FULLY AWAKE. I have spirits who touch my feet and my legs, I can feel their hands/fingers. Some will touch my arms, face, head. Like everywhere. But I'm totally relaxed and every-time i'm sitting still I can feel something *spirit* behind me, it's probably watching me type this.

When I was at my grandma's house at night, sharing the bed with my mum because their was not enough beds for her to sleep in, my grandma heard ceiling bangs like 4 of them randomly, after I came into her house. At night, I woke up around 4AM and I saw this Human figured shadow smokey entity on-top of me, like touching me and this weird black shady smokey things around it in the background, energy maybe? Looked like Orbs surrounded by an Aura of Shadowness? I don't know how to explain it but let's just say Will-o-The-wisps is what it reminded me of what it looked like but Shadow. Besides me was the same entity I saw in the blinds? But this time it was in human figure like the one that was on-top of me and it was showing me vivid images of stuff? I feel like i'm sounding crazy. I still had hands touching me as well. After I left my grandma's house she also experienced an entity lay on top of her, when she went to rest on her couch, she told my mum that it was trying to suffocate her, and that she couldn't move.

Recently this week and last week with dreams. I'm dreaming constantly like I would have 3-4 dreams a day. Depending on how much I sleep... I've had 3 dreams of the spirit itself and just weird dreams about crystals particularly Rose Quartz Chunks, Tourmaline and Amethyst Clusters? One of my first dreams was it was laying on my right side of my bed and in the dream it made me look like a child compared to the size of the shadow entity and I was asking it questions about Energy and such, and why it was attached to me.

Then I had another dream of spirits, also looking like shadow people. They we're angry at me moving my legs, and each time I moved on my bed, one of the spirits would try to scare me/attack me. There was 3 of them, and one of them, laid down right next to me bringing the bed on a steep slope, but I didn't move. It just felt like that with the amount of pressure applied by one of them. Then I moved again and the spirit at the end of my bed started to pull on my legs and it pulled me down the bed by the slightest amount, and then the spirit on my left side literally felt like it was pushing my bed to the right hand side of my room really fast. All I could feel like is a really fast "WHOOSH" above me and that happened like three times and it felt like it was trying to push my soul at of my body feel as well. Then I stopped moving and I said something about promising them not to move until 9.45 am (It happened on my work day, and I get ready at that hour, also I couldn't control what I was saying in the dream). Then I woke up like a minute before my alarm goes off at 9.45 am.

The next dream was a dream I had today. I had the same spirit that assaults me, but I was lying on my back and I could feel its pressure on me. Then I fell asleep? And I could see it on me in the dream and it held onto me and like as if someone did a belly-flop into a pool, it was like a purpose fall and heavy pressure onto my front then it felt like it was grabbing my soul and pushing it out of my body? Like forced Astral Projection? Then I heard myself say, "I'm sorry for falling asleep while you were doing that to me" and I woke up.

So this is kind of strange, not sure if anyone has experienced the same as me. But i'm a beginner medium? I went to a clairvoyant yesterday and she said that I have had multiple past lives and out of all my family I have the oldest soul. She also confirmed of my abilities and confirmed that what i'm seeing and what I feel is real. I had have multiple mediums tell me that have told me similar things also relating to seeing spirits and abilities that it's all real and that I need to open my heart and get the higher vibrations? I am 19 years old and I have no idea what to do, other then attend a circle and keep experiencing weird spirits touch me, watching spirits pass by me and getting these super weird dreams from spirits. Could someone help me?

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Flamenessangel (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-10)
I have recently (Today) saged and set intentions using palo santo afterwards. Whilst doing this around my house and myself, I felt ghosts/spirits touch me when they'd only touch me when I try to sleep. I'm not sure how i'm supposed to find a spirit portal or something but I felt like an electrifying/cobweb feeling energy in the air in my mum's bedroom.

When I saw this comment I went back into her room and felt the same energy, but I started to feel pain on my hip bone like something was poking me hard. I saw like a black orb or something appear beside me. Whilst I was trying to search for a cursed object or something.

And I will do.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-10-09)

Well I can tell you that you are not crazy and I believe you. You are experiencing things in my wheelhouse. In the past I have been involved with all of these phenomenon either in person or helping other people. You can click on peoples names and open up their profile pages and read past posts. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this site. I am one of them that deals with protection and cleansing. I can't help you in person because I am in another country but, I can give you advice that might help you. If you can find someone in your area you need to perform another cleansing. You also need to see if you can find someone to look for a cursed object. You have an open portal on your property that needs to be sealed or closed and cleansed. Try to find someone to cleanse your home right away.

I usually only post on this site when I am compelled to or get a vision or information pointing me toward someone. I got a vision of a small object or dark spot in a home with energy moving through it back and forth. It has been there awhile and unnoticed by the inhabitants. I can't quite make out the object only the energy passing back and forth. Normally I zero in on things when I can visit the area. For me my gift works like hide and seek. I know something is hiding but I feel the difference in energy levels getting stronger or weaker as I move through the area to pinpoint it. I can't be exact from remote but get an image in my mind or dream about it. You need to find someone like me in your area to help you. Contact me if you wish to and I promise I will not ask anything of you. I only wish to help those that I can.

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