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Physic Experience From High School To Present


When I was starting out in high school, I had no friends, no one to talk to about anything. But, I was always positive, no matter what.

One day I was walking to my art class and I got a vision of seeing a girl walking out of the art class before class started. I saw myself asking the girl a question (with 10 kid walking past us during the conversation, with a Club poster on the wall behind her as she slowly kept walking past me while talking to me) and her answer. In the vision; I saw everyone around us, her face expressions and more. I came back to reality and it happened! I asked her the question and I saw everything around me, detail for detail the same as the vision. It scared me but intrigued me, but it kept happening.

It used to be where I would have a vision and remember it. Now I cannot remember any visions except that one I described. As I got older, The visions started going further in time, from one week to several months.

More and more it happened uncontrollably. Every day I would see myself; having conversations, seeing my pets attack creatures (that they later bring home), and even my parents decisions on actions I had not done yet. Then one day, I got scared because of what I was seeing and begged it to stop and it did. It went away and didn't come back, until, I had asked for it to come back 5 years later. Now it has faded again, and keeps coming back whenever I get really focused.

Lately the visions will appear when I am thinking about something. Like tonight; I asked (and thought hard about it, while I was focused) for help in controlling my abilities. I got a vision to type in "How to control my Psychic Abilities" on my computer when I got home and click on the first link. I clicked on the first link which brought me to this website.

I want to know how to control this so I can use it to help those around me. If anyone knows how, please comment on this post explaining what I can do to control this!

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ProfKelly (38 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-21)
Because you are describing experiences that are detailed in content but spontaneous, there are a few resources I am going to suggest you read through.

The first is an online assessment that will help you narrow down the extrasensory type you are experiencing. It is likely Clairvoyant Cognition (Type Yellow) ( with Precognition that you are experiencing, but I recommend taking the assessment regardless, because it will help you in a number of ways in the long run.

The second is information pertaining to Clairvoyant Cognitive Conflict and Withdrawal ( If you notice similarities in the content here with what you have been experiencing, this may help you gain "some" control by implementing some of the recommended therapeutic options.

However, I also recommend reading the following articles:

"Ability" vs. Experiences" (

"Compensatory or Natural?" (,

"Extrasensory Dependence" (

Best of luck!

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