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Ultra Violet - High Frequency


Today I saw a Psychic while on a health and wellness retreat. Straight away she said I am vibrating an a very high frequency, actually one above herself and I am an ultra violet.

She said I was very psychic but hadn't opened myself up to it.

She asked if I had seen spirits before which I said yes, I said my Dad saw a young child standing over me watching me while I was sleeping very early one morning (it turned out the house had a death of a young child)

I also had an experience with a very loud spirit trying to get my attention in a house we lived in when I was in primary school. It was very loud as soon as the light was off it would walk straight over to be, bang the cupboard trying to get my attention I was so scared, one night I woke up and I was facing the mirrored wardrobe doors and saw an older lady standing behind me staring at me.

The psychic asked me if my mum had a hard birth with me which she did I was 2 months premature and she was in hospital a long time while pregnant with me and I kept trying to come out.

She said me and my Dad are ushers and If we see spirits we need to imagine a portal and tell them to go into the portal for them to cross over

I am very good at clearing negative energy

I have lived over 800 lives

I am more about helping other people which is why I gravitate towards broken people

She spoke of my black cat as my companion that is helping me, also sees spirits

Told me not to have heaps of mirrors in the house spirits use them to appear

She said a 9 year cycle had finished, mentioned new guides are going into place for me.

She told me to talk to my dad about being an Usher, he's seen a lot of death in his life.

She said my ex boyfriend was of a Blue Aura unsure what that may if meant for us

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