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Violet Eyes And Travel


If anyone had a similar experience, please do tell.

It's been a few weeks since then, having this purple eye appearing out of nowhere above m... It felt like a mental surge, almost forced. This is where it gets weird, I was awake, or atleast I was awake somewhere else? Which I will reveal after I explain the first bit, because it started then. Me travelling through different colored strings, every single one of them connected to a place I had dreamed of a few months back. It was a gate, a mirror with a variety of colors and in front of that gate stood a woman, who in the end of what seemed like she was examining me waved her hand and I awoke. With a thump on my bed (which I believe was astral projection I really had the feeling I was not supposed to be there, when upon research it said under no circumstances should I travel through mirrors).

So back to the purple eye, the places I was going to. To the most frightening of realizations I've had since high school. The places were dreams of other people. How do I know this? Because the subjects of this occasion had the same exact dream, but luckily didn't know me. How did I come across the evidence? Call it, intuitive knowing, you see something that shouldn't grab your attention but does, saw a picture of someone on instagram (people are much more open with spirituality there these days) and from what I saw on this person's gram made the word coincedence look fragile, as that person posted about her dream in detail.

And yeah, I've had these sort of experiences before, but those were of my own future. Now these dreams are geared for other people's dreams?

It's been eating at me this entire year and I can't figure this out. Maybe someone else has a clue?

Thank you for your time.:)

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