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Increased Frequency Of Claircognizance


I've had some strange things going on and I wanted to get some opinions on it from people who have greater knowledge than me on the subject.

I've lived in my current home for just shy of two years. I've had an off night here and there where I would get strange feelings but for the most part the house was very peaceful. The last few months it has changed drastically. Over the past few months (ever since the boyfriend has moved in) I have gotten the feeling of being watched. The last three weeks it has pretty much been a constant feeling. I also see things and know things about what I see. By see I mean I see in my mind's eye (there has only been two instances where I saw things with my physical eyes). The feeling of fear is overwhelming.

There is a woman who paces the small walk way along the side of my house. She is beautiful until she becomes angry then she is almost ugly. She is wearing a v neck long black dress, with dark wavy/curly hair that moves on its own accord. When I used to get a strange feeling once in a while, I do believe, it was coming from her. I believe her energy (I guess that is what you would call it) is coming into the house. My boyfriend has actually seen a physical apparition of her, in the house, before I ever mentioned her in detail to him. I think that it is her who is watching me and who makes me scared.

There is a women who hangs by a rope in a tree (that isn't present in the physical world) across the alley way. I do believe the circumstances of her death involved the love of a black man before it was socially acceptable. I have only seen this in my mind's eye but it is recurring and only begun in the last few months and has increased in frequency.

Dolly, the previous owner of the house, still returns to watch over the house every once in a while. I have seen her clear as day. Her presence is felt less and less since the previously mentioned things have started happening. She used to startle me but she always gave me a feeling of peace. I felt like she approved of me living in her home.

The boyfriend has an energy attached to him. We have been told by several people that it is his unborn sister watching over him. I don't know if she plays into this at all because I have never seen or felt her. The boyfriend is gone most of the times that the feelings of being watching and seeing things (and fear) occur. We work opposite schedules so majority of the time I am home, it is alone. The feelings I get do not stop when anyone else is around.

I have a family history of abilities. Personally I have a history of seeing things that aren't of this world and knowing things that I have no way of knowing. My ability goes as far as predicting death.

I'm never sure who it's going to be or how it's going to occur, but sure enough whenever I get this intense feeling of dread, sorrow and panic, someone I know passes with a day.

My questions for everyone are:

Why has all this activity started so suddenly and increased to an almost constant state?

How do I deal with my abilities? I'm tired of living in fear. I have tried the whole "I acknowledge your presence but please not now" phrase and it doesn't seem to work. At this point I would rather all my abilities go away than to continue on in this state.

Anyone's general opinion on this whole situation would be greatly appreciated.

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Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-08)
Makes me think people with Claircognizance telepathically receiving knowledge from people/spirits/other being's minds.
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-02)
In my opinion, acknowledgement typically isn't the best thing.
The spirit knows it exists. You know it exists.
It's like letting a tiger or a pride of lions or a horde of monkeys know that you know that they are there.
Sometimes it's better to just leave them alone.

If I had to guess, the fear is a projection.
I have basic meditation techniques listedin my profile.

With fear that is projected on you, you can kind of peel it off like you peel the skin off a orange.

Typically, keeping your emotions balanced will take care of what shows up to feed off of you.
In the sam respect, your boyfrined also needs to keep his emotions balanced, or stuff will show up to feed off of him.

As for why activity starts so suddenly... That's just the nature of the beast.
Dragon tails crossed, you moved on top of a leyline, the planets and stars are aligned, you hit a magical age, the world is awakening... Etc etc, tae your pick.
It really doesn't matter.

Another large part of finding piece, for myself, is putting my faith in God.

Hope that helps.

God bless and be well
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-03-26)
Say leave me alone now and find
the light the worst thing to do is
to think I'm stronger than you
That brings in negative energy I
Don't know why its happening that
You are getting it so fast hope you
Find out good luck 😉

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