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My Abilities Have Increased Tremendously


My name is Christina. I'm known as a psychic medium, healer, strongly intuitive and perceptive. I'm 28 and I'm originally from NJ. I moved to Manhattan, NYC when I was 19. I still live in Manhattan, NYC just alone now. Ever since I was little things would happen around me; objects moving, voices, feeling the energy of things that could not be seen. What ever it is or they are have followed me everywhere my whole life. Even when I go to a friends. If a friend is going to bring a person (s) over ill already know what he/she will look like before I see them. I am also able to read their energy and pick up their thoughts, also Ill know when something is going to happen before it does. It doesn't always happen right away.

Recently, since I bought my new apt in NYC in September 2009 it seems as if my abilities have increased tremendously. I'll close my eyes and without thinking about anything or concentrating my third eye will open. I'll see my room as if my eyes aren't even closed. However everything is black and white and somewhat glowing. I am conscious during this state of mind.

Ok, so the experiences I've been having range from the normal presences following me, making noise and moving things to something completely new. I don't know where to start. 1ST EVENT: 5 Months ago (not sure of the exact date), my friend Anthony slept over like he usually would after leaving work (at 2 am). He never stayed the whole night. One night (I thought I was awake, but according to him I was sleeping). I watched him get dressed, but I was silent the entire time standing by the bedside (I didn't see myself) just him. After he got dressed he walked to the kitchen and got water where I proceeded to follow him, then he put on his jacket and I walked him to the door. I said goodbye and locked up. I went back in my room looked at my phone and saw that since he was there 6 hours had gone by before he left. I also remember looking at the time. 10:21am. I laid back down (which obviously I was already doing, but didn't know) and woke up around 4:11pm. The white candle next to me was lit. I didn't do this. I called Anthony and said "Wow, you left late today". He then replied: "How would you know"? "you were dead asleep". "I tried waking you up". I told him that I remember everything he did from the time he got dressed to when I walked him to the door. He was dead silent. He then said: "How the hell did you know all that"? "You were sleeping". "I tried waking you, you wouldn't respond to me, you just laid there limp". Anyway, what I saw and did he backed it up right to the time.

2ND EVENT: This involves my "third eye", I've had many since moving here. Each a little more clearer than the last. I don't remember much about falling asleep (alone) on Sunday 4/11/2010. I do remember suddenly just spacing out for long periods of time. I laid down (still conscious) closed my eyes and saw my bedroom. Once again as clear as if my eyes were open, but in black and white with some glow. I felt like I was standing along my bedside (I did not see myself). Suddenly a dark black shadow of a man started to form moving in slow motion up to my face although he didn't have one. I could only see him and the room never at anytime did I see me. Then a white shadow of a woman appeared no features either. Everything I saw was in a slow motion type of movement. He seemed to be attacking her. It looked like he was punching her in the face and choking her. Then she got up and ran to the bedroom door, I saw him trip her and drag her by what would be her ankles back to the bed. She then got the upper hand and I said this is enough and opened my eyes.

I don't remember falling asleep or what time I fell asleep. All I know is I didn't wake up until 9:35pm tonight (4/12/2010). When I woke up I was shaking, freezing cold and having trouble breathing. I've had other occurrences, but I don't want to seem like I'm rambling on. If you want to know feel free to ask.

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JJ (1 stories) (12 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-13)
Hey your post has interested me I was just wondering how have you been doing since?

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