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Claircognizance? Or Something Else?


Everything started last summer in the middle of July while listening to music. I kept my playlist on shuffle so I never really knew which song would come on next. I soon started randomly thinking about one of the songs in the playlist and then started to think about something else, completely forgetting about the song I was thinking about. The song came on right after the previous one ended, leaving me utterly confused and surprised. I brushed it off thinking that it was a coincidence, but that was until the same thing started happening over and over. I wouldn't be able to predict one song after the other so it only would happen maybe once or twice in a day (I listen to music a lot.) I started to pay attention to the many times that it happened and looked up the many possible reasons on the Internet.

I started reading about abilities such as clairvoyance and had found myself intrigued. I read further and found that not many things had matched with what was happening with me. I was slightly disappointed as I had always found interest in supernatural events. I started to pay attention to what exactly happened every time I "predicted" what song would come on next and noticed a pattern. Whenever I thought about a song I would quickly forget about the thought, as it only lasted about a second or two. I also noticed that I did not directly think about the song but subconsciously thought about it. The thought felt like it was in the back of my mind. I wouldn't even feel any emotion when thinking about it. It was completely random. By mid August I started to become more aware of this happening not with just music but with many other things. One day I was watching a show with my brother where someone was driving a truck during the winter, and immediately blurted out: "He's going to hit a deer!" Right after the word "deer" left my mouth, a deer jumped out of the bushes and the truck hit it, causing the truck to crash into the side of the road. My brother immediately looked over to me with his jaw dropped while I just stared at him. I was dumbfounded, but I realized that the exact same thing that was happening with the music was happening now. I didn't think before I said it- I just blurted it out. I didn't have any emotion while saying it.

Another occurrence happened in early December when I had gone to visit my grandfather in the hospital with my family. My grandfather had a tv on with a commercial for Samsung being shown. I was on my phone, while occasionally looking at the tv and had seen part of the commercial, which for some reason reminded me of a commercial my brother and I had seen in the morning. I turned to my brother and said, "Imagine if that commercial comes on", and then turned back to my phone, eventually forgetting what I had said. I turned my head back to the tv after recognizing the people speaking in the commercial. It turned out to be the commercial that I had seen with my brother that morning (some car commercial.) We both looked at each other and started laughing, while my brother started making jokes and calling me a psychic. This had been the nail in the coffin for me. With this and my past experiences with the tv and the music, I knew something was up. I did more research and started reading about claircognizance. I was suprised that many things that it explained, matched with what was happening with me. I couldn't fight the excitement I was feeling but still took it as a grain of salt. With the start of the new year I have started to have many more experiences such as when I was waiting for my friend at school and had thought about him running up behind me to try and scare me. I turned around after I had thought that (not wanting to be scared) and was just in time for his arrival. He had indeed run up to me but didn't seem like he wanted to scare me. I wasn't surprised though, as things had happened like this before.

Many other experiences that I have had after this year had started are some that I don't exactly remember as I experience at least one everyday (not as major as the ones I explained.) They usually had to do with knowing what someone would say next, knowing answers to questions on tests and other things. I have also started to recognize number patterns such as 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55 showing up on the clock. I have experienced other experiences where I would be thinking about something or watching something and something related to it would show up sometime later in the day. I have come to the conclusion that what I have been experiencing is claircognizance, but am still a little unsure.

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