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I had sleep paralysis 2-3 times in my life where I saw some people dressed in white clothes/ they were white light, tall men, an old lady. I read a lot about it on internet and sometimes when I sleep (mainly when I am alone) I take precautions like not sleeping on the back. Yesterday I was alone in my one room flat and had an exam today so my mind was preoccupied.

I went to bed at around 11. I think it happened after half an hour (though I didn't checked the time) , my body started vibrating (I won't say shaking). First thing that came in my mind was that it was sleep paralysis. So I started praying (I know it is scientific, but I still do pray for strength and confidence), simultaneously I was thinking that it is not sleep paralysis. I also started hearing static sound (like a radio receiving no signal) . I was getting more confused what is happening to me, was it a nightmare or some new phenomena. Somehow I managed to pull myself out. I went in again after 2-5 seconds. I can still feel how my body went into vibration mode. I again managed to pull out of it. My body again tried going into that mode again but somehow I managed to stop it all the time. I think this went for 1-2 minute. I had problem sleeping after that. When I searched it on the net it all pointed to OBE. I knew about it but didn't heard anything about this. Does anyone know any scientific reason to this? Today I'll try not to sleep alone tonight. I would love to explore this topic. Wish me luck sleeping tonight.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-05-15)
Hello. I write in depth about this phenomenon on the sister site to this one, When we are awake, our physical "dense" bodies vibrate at a low frequency. Our astral bodies are attached, but when we go to sleep, the astral form starts to vibrate at a higher rate so that it can detach from the body. We normally sleep through this process but sometimes we are awake for it, or with training, can do this at will. It's normal for all of us. Keep educating yourself and you'll get to not be afraid of it (hopefully).
Thanks for sharing.

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