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Stuck Inside A Dungeon


For the past 2 weeks, my girlfriend acted differently. We argue most of the time. After a huge fight, she cried and cried all day, and she tried to sleep. She talked while in her sleep saying, "I want to go home, can you please let me go.", in a polite manner. She also said that she is playing with 2 people in her dream. So I talked to her ear and told her to go home to me. If she can hear my voice I asked her to talk to me. Then she woke up, started to eat and suddenly she told me while she is sitting she felt she just woke up, and telling me she can't wait to watch the debate on tv, but in fact that debate was 2 weeks ago. I told her that, and shes doesn't believe me. I told her things that we did in the span of 2 weeks but none of them she remembered. Then she felt sleepy, and someone used her body to talk to me like a spirit. She kept saying if I love her, she is the one using her body. She is better than her and that. But I was so terrified on what's going on. Then I convinced her that she can't replace my girlfriend, she told me that my girlfriend locked herself in a dungeon, and she looked so pale and there's a box that filled with memories, really bad memories. Her deepest darkest secret she hid it in that box. It was open by that time and she doesn't want to go out. The spirit is now helping me to take her out but she doesn't listen to us. She has a video in that dungeon about our happy memories, she kept it. Her hands and feet were chained. One day, she talked in her sleep again and she told me I was the one who chained her there, she wants to go home. I tried massaging her hands and feet, telling her I'm trying to take her out, break the chains, but nothing happens. Everytime she is awake, she felt her hands and feet were pulled, as if she is burying her self, that she wants to cut her feet. The spirit told me to not let that happen, and she is holding her hand so she won't be alone in that dungeon. Please help me. I want to save her. When we walked outside, the spirit told me that it gave them light inside that dungeon but it still not enough. I want to break that chain so she can come back. Please help me guys.

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-22)
Please don't take this the wrong way... But perhaps she should seek some professional help

But if that don't help perhaps you should pray to God you both might need somthing stronger than yourselves to beet this thing

But also try to remember this I don't believe any spirit is stronger than us so if you can both keep that in mind I believe you two can beet this thing... It probably wanted her scared of it because dark spirits want you to think your not strong enough they want you in fear... But if one can face their fears without being afraid... Then dark spirits have no power at all

Good look on y'alls jouney may yall be ever blessed and protected... Best to y'all...i will pray for y'all ❤
Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-20)
[at] slickvash, This seems like a very important internal issue with your girlfriends darkside. Within ourselves with develop a darker spiritual part to us through bad actions, temptation, corruption, wrongful decision that we choose - in which affects our mindset of the way we think of certain things. With that, through immense negative emotions we choose to bottles up deep inside through these experiences - all go to one place and compile together from within. As this negative energy develops deep within it creates a conscious within ourselves that is just full of negativity that can take over if we allow it too. So far this is what I assume to be the case but I would like to hear from you soon because I believe I could be of help to you. If you feel to speak in private- you can email me on my profile.

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