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The Girl Stuck In The Corner


My name is Ashley, and i'm a stay at home mom, it may not sound exciting but I love it.

Anyways I know that there are many people who like to put fake stories on here. Which is a shame. But i'd like to say that this story that I'm about to tell you all, is very much real.

First i'd like to say I don't know what I am, id like to say I'm sensitive, but I think its way more then that, I'm like a make shift of everything I suppose lol anyways here goes.

This story takes place in Edmonton alberta 2007, it was just before christmas and my boss wanted to have a christmas party at her house.

I was at the store that night locking up. I was excited yet tired because it had been such a long day. Now my boss at the time lived in a townhouse complex.

Everything was going great at the time, when my started telling me that she was hearing things during the night, like giggles, running and the sound of someone playing ball. At first she thought it was her daughter waking up at night and playing, but soon she relized that it wasn't her at all, then she was telling me about her basement and how she could hear screaming of a little girl.

My must say at first I thought it was the liqour. But then I statred to feel the engrey, around me. I asked if I could wander through the place, just so I could get a feeling of what was really going on.

The upstaries wasn't that bad. A lot of negitve energy. The master bedroom just viberated me to the core.

As I came back down to the livingroom everyone decided to go downstaries to smoke, since it was way to cold outside

Now this is where everything started to happen.

I wake down the stair and as I reached the last step I instantly

Felt like I wanted to hid under the stairs, like I scared.

I started to walk around and I found scratch makes in the drywall that was too high for my bosses daughter to reach, drawings on the wall that looked like they were drawn my a young child around 5-7

Now this is where my feelings started to pique I felt sick, scared, and most of all tormented,

There was this one corner that I hadnt reached yet, it had a broom in the the corner crevix and it looked like the ground was coverd with a huge rust stain. I start to walk over because it was the only place I hadnt touch in the whole basement.

Just before my foot touches the rust stain on the the ground,

I'm instantly pushed back 5 feet. I don't know how to explain this part so bear with me please.

As I was being pushed back I get pictures flying through my head,

I see a little girl with dirty blond hair in a small tattered night gown in the corner, she isn't showing me all the the horrible things that happened to her, but she let's me feel it, and it was the most horrible pain I have every been in, she was making me feel her pain of being tortured by her parents, and much more. She pushed me out of the corner afraid that I would see her worst fears and pain. She tried to keep me safe. I left instantly. I was so shook up with what happened,

To this day I regret leaving, she needed help and reached out for me

But I was so naive back then I didn't know how to process the information she was giving me let alone help.

I hope you enjoyed this story, I have many more that have occurred throughout my life.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions

And I will answer them honestly and the best I can

Thanks for reading


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PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-18)
Wow I keept on thinking why was thier rust why rust it kept poping in my head I don't know why maybe you can tell me and what else happened to you

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