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The Screaming Girl


During the summer, my sister and I decided to switch rooms because she was pregnant, and needed a safer room (her old room had a concrete floor). A few days, about three, before we changed rooms I heard a little girl, probably around five or six, screaming from the comer across the street from my bedroom. My huge bedroom windowed faces a street, you see. I didn't dare go and look, but I listened, I thought everyone in the house would hear her. She was screaming "help!", "please no!", and "Please help!". Right now, as I write this story, I do not feel alone. I could have pointed to you where she would be standing. It was this comer, across the street from a stop sign. She kept screaming for a few minuets, maybe two or three. Then she just stopped. The next night, she screamed again. At the same time, too. Around eight o clock, almost right at eight. She screamed for a few minuets and stopped, just like the night before. Then, on the third and last night, she was closer. And louder. She had moved. That night I moved rooms, and slept in my sisters old room. I never heard her again, but I think she was either a spirit asking me to help her, or a spirit warning me.

This is my first year of high school, and my first year I have had to take a school bus to get there. The walk isn't too far, but it has never felt safe. I can't explain it. To make things worse, the first day of school was foggy. I kept getting the feeling of being followed. Every time I turned around, nobody was there. Now, when it is foggy, I always feel like that. I used to love fog. It never scared me before the screaming girl came. I don't think she wanted to harm me, and I don't think she meant to scare me either. She isn't bad. I know that. Somehow, I know that.

No matter how many people I tell this story too, they just say it was a girl inside a house, watching television. Or little kids playing around. But no kids are out at eight screaming bloody murder, and she was not another house. No, she was on the curb. Screaming for help. My mother, who has dealt with small paranormal things all her life, says it might have been something in my own mind. That the screaming girl was really me (she never went into detail on how it could be me). Warning myself of some coming danger. If anyone can tell me what they think this would mean, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for reading, sorry if I seem fake or unprofessional.

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RFX (1 stories) (7 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-06)
Hello, this might be a residual type of thing as it kept happening in the same location the same time of day. That's consistent with a spirit which is an inactive one that has left an imprint of an event at a location. Don't worry if at times you feel like you're being followed or watched, just keep in mind that ghosts are nothing to be afraid of as we'll all become one some day and there's nothing to fear about what we will be one day. Hopefully that helps. =]
carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-04)
Spirit was tying to tell you something I think. Be careful. Pray if you become afraid. You can email me at unofficalpsychicdetective [at]

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